1.1.4   Rational Numbers to Scientific Notation ("Adaptive" Learning)
 An orbit has a radius of km.    Convert this to Scientific Notation.  
  Rational Numbers
(decimal form)
            123. 1.23x10^2         times 100
            12.3 1.23x10^1         times 10
            1.23 1.23x10^0         times 1
            0.123  1.23x10-^1         times 0.1
            1.23  1.23x10^-2         times 0.01
            0.123  1.23x10^-3         times 0.001
Press (and hold down) "See Answer" until you understand how numbers are converted.   
Rational Number   Scientific Notation
After practicing above, do the problem below.   (10 points for correct answer). 
 Convert     to Scientific Notation.
                         Total points      80 points to pass.
       Enter answer.       (Press "Test" for help.)