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Basic Skills & English as a Second Language

The Chancellor's Office sub-unit responsible for Basic Skills and English as a Second Language (ESL) provides State Leadership activities for the colleges, including, technical assistance; program evaluation; faculty/staff development; research and identification of emerging issues; advocacy; and special project funding and monitoring, such as California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Prep courses. The sub-unit also answers requests for information on community college Basic Skills and ESL activities from the public, lawmakers, the media and other interested parties.

A Chancellor's Office Specialist for Academic Planning and Development is the lead staff for the sub-unit. In addition to providing overall coordination of sub-unit activities, the Specialist also chairs the Chancellor's Basic Skills Advisory Committee. The primary mission of that committee is complementary to sub-unit activities. It provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of research findings and other information on the public value of Basic Skills and ESL instruction and on resource needs and policy issues related to serving underprepared students in the California Community Colleges.

Strategic Goals for the Basic Skills & ESL Sub-unit

To maximize the effectiveness and efficient utilization of the system's Basic Skills and ESL resources
To identify, promote, and disseminate information on exemplary programs and best practices in serving academically underprepared community college students, to achieve program improvements through their replication and adaptation to the unique characteristics of individual community colleges/districts
To recognize and inform the public about the system's achievement on the basic skills mission and on how that contributes tot he availability of outcome data on post-secondary and/or employment goals attained by students who were academically under-prepared when they entered community colleges.


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