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Word Problems.    Multi-Choice Practice.  (10 possible points).


Bill rode his skateboard (with a helmet) 25 miles in 80 minutes.  How many miles can he ride his skateboard in 60 minutes (at the same pace)? Aurora HC212 8 digit, Solar / Battery power calculator
Formula:    25 =  x 
            80   60    
            25 * 60      = 80x   cross multiply
            25 * 60  80 = x     isolate for x 
            x            = 25*6080                               
Calculator: 25x6080=
Start off by setting it up mathematically.
Setup:    25 mi   =  x mi  
          80 min    60 min  
      25 miles in 80 minutes is expressed as 25 mi
80 min
How many miles in 60 minutes is expressed as  x mi 
60 min
First step: Cross multiply:   60*25 = 1500   (60 times 25. done below)
            so    1500 = 80x
            1500 equals 80x (80 * x)
2nd  step:  Isolate x by dividing each side by 80. 
            1500  = 80x       80x 
80 80 80 cancels to x
Third step: Rewrite as x = 1500   
4th  step:  Divide 1500 by 80, equals 18.75. 

he answer is 18.75 miles in 60 mins (mph) .
1. cross multiply:   60x25 = 1500 
   so    1500 = 80x
         1500 equals 80x

Calculator: press 60X25= (60x25 = 1500)

(= sign gives result)

Note the ,x,-,= signs.



divide 1500 by 80 by pressing


(divide sign, 80, equal sign)

result is 18.75 miles in 60 mins.

(fast for a skateboard)


Choose the letter of the correct answer:

A. 17   B. 18   C. 18.75   D. 20  and enter it in the answer box below:             



Answer Box.    Check it with the Test Button.



Rocky rode his mountain bike in the Trans-Alps race,  and,  on some downhill trails, he went 12 miles in minutes.  How many miles per hour is that?

  12    = 

x = 12  * 60

calculator: 12x60=


Answer Box.  

Rocky rode his mountain bike in the Trans-Alps race,  and,  on some downhill trails, he went 12 miles in minutes.  How many miles per hour is that?

  12    = 

x = 12  * 60

calculator: 12x60=


 California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Mathematics Section



 (needs revision.)  Success in Math requires knowledge of Algebra and Functions, strand #3 of the CAHSEE. Measurement / Metrology, including the conversion between the US and the Metric System.  Therefore this lesson includes  comparing weights, capacities, geometric measures, times, and temperatures within and between measurement systems.  (e.g., miles per hour to kilometers per hour to feet per second,  and cubic inches to cubic centimeters).


The California High School Exit Exam -- "CAHSEE" --  Mathematics Section verifies that the student has learned these skills for life and career.  The focus of this exam on the "Measurement and Geometry" (MG) Strand" is to reinforce the learning of these skills.  The approach of this lesson-quiz is to "hard-calculate" the answer, thus earning a "sense of range." 

This lesson relates to the 4MG1.1 Standards of Comparing  measurement systems.

A good working set of Math skills is vital for success in vocations, professions, trade schools, and higher education, specifically, in this case, skills in Metric conversions are essential. The developers of this lesson ask that you spend sufficient time with it until you hit the mastery level!

The "greater the hands-on involvement" the "greater  learning"! -- Learn by doing! Use as many ways as you canto learn. This lesson aims to teach you several ways to calculate, ways to apply Math, a problem-solving process, a 'sense of range', practical applications, and reinforces, by repetition, your math skills.

Keep your hand on the mouse, and take control of your learning! Double-check and "range check" every answer. Push the edge of your learning. Go beyond the lines. Make a list of metric distances to check out. Share this program with your friends. Teach them to pass this lesson! Extra credit given for helping other students learn this lesson!

Show us what you can do! (acknowledgement to La Canada HS for CAHSEE logo.)

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Note to educators, this lessons uses Visual, Interactive, and Virtual techniques to involve the student in the lesson. The goal is that the greater the involvement, the greater the comprehension.  It also uses "hands-on" calculators, "discovery" techniques, short-written answers, drill-and-practice, heuristic type learning, guided responses, and answer-reinforcement.  All of these methods instill a "sense of range" in the student -- look at  value and convert it in their head! -- by translating values, a student effectively operates in both number systems, and can demonstrate that skill on an exam.   The goal is to apply the technology to optimize Online, Interactive learning to supplement, and reinforce class-room / personal contact instruction. This project is in Continuous Quality Improvement and Innovation mode, and your suggestions / improvements therefore are welcomed.   (c) Copyright, 2003 - 07