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The radius of the earth’s orbit is approximately 150,000,000 kilometers.

What is this number in scientific notation? 
                    A    1.5 × 10
–8   =  1.5x10^-8
                    B    1.5 × 10
8    =   1.5x10^8
                    C    15  × 10
7    =   1.5x10^7
                    D    150× 10
  =   150x10^7



Answer Box:   Type the letter of the answer, A, B, C, or D,  into the Answer Box,  then check it with the test button.  (10 points)



Enrichment:  (1) This represents the orbit of Earth around the Sun. 

When the Earth is in the rightmost position, it's the 1st day of Summer! (Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.)    


When the Earth is in the leftmost position, it's the 1st day of Winter. 

Directly above and below the sun, are the Fall and Spring seasons.


       "The Four Seasons" -- by Antonio Vivaldi


(2) Artists throughout the ages have received inspiration from natural phenomenon taking place in the world around them. Italian composer and violinist, Antonio Vivaldi, used the Earth's seasonal relationship to the Sun as inspiration for his masterpiece "The Four Seasons" which consists of four violin concertos, each inspired by a different season.  Listen to an excerpt from each of the concertos. .. Click the buttons above.

Listen for the chirping of birds and the fluttering of their wings to identify Spring. Listen for thunderstorms that  frequently spoil outdoor activities on hot Summer days.  Music Festivals after the Fall harvest.  Winter's bleak, icy weather can make you want to run for shelter ... .

Extra credit (1) Why are June, July, August the warmest months in the Northern Hemisphere? (2) What "season" music do you like best? Why? Type your answers below:


3 Speed Reading Comprehension Quiz.   You are given a worksheet of sentences to complete, then the answers are displayed for you to complete the worksheet and memorize it.  Then you are given the sentences, one-at-a-time, to complete, in 10 seconds or less.  You are graded, and need 80% to pass. 

A "Flash Card" approach of Math Facts.  Learn by repetition and immediate recall.

1 1.73 = 1.73 x ____. Number raised to 0 power = itself!

2 17.3 = 1.73 x ____. Ten. (Raised to the 1 = ten times.)

3 173 = 1.73 x ____. Hundred.

4 1,730 = 1.73 x ____. Thousand.

5 17,300 = 1.73 x ____. Ten Thousand.

6 173,000 = 1.73 x ____. Hundred Thousand.

7 1,730,000 = 1.73 x ____. Million.

8 17,300,000 = 1.73 x ____. Ten Million.

9 173,000,000 = 1.73 x ____. Hundred Million.

10 1,730,000,000 = 1.73 x ____. Billion.

10^0 10^1
10^2 10^3
10^4 10^5
10^6 10^7
10^8 10^9


If necessary, there are 4 computer-based quizzes on Scientific Notation that you may take. These are Timed Speed-Reading Comprehension Quizzes that you can retake as many times as needed to learn the concept and pass the quiz!  

Click here for "Flash Card" Quizzes!



           CAHSEE  Math Vocabulary



This is a new type of guided reading, having your eye take in a whole line-at-a-time!    You "grab" ideas by their surrounding words ...

And you've got to get the vocabulary ... so here we go .. scroll down this list at your own speed to learn these words"

(Math vocabulary follows)   (to be completed)

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Also keep your hand on the mouse, and take control of your learning! Double-check and "range check" every answer. Push the edge of your learning. Go beyond the lines. Make a list of metric distances to check out. Share this program with your friends. Teach them to pass this lesson! Extra credit given for helping other students learn this lesson!

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