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The best way to contact me is at Joseph@Auciello.Net:  I check email every day.   .... Feel free to browse my Online Classroom Site -- Learn all that you can!   This email form uses Principles of Visual Commmunication, CQII, and Technology Optimizing Performance.   If you are a student and want to earn 50 extra credit points, email me with an explanation of CQII ....   Prof. A.  Out.  .....
  What? CIS 700 On-Line Course, Winter 2005.   Covers Overview, Windows, Operating Systems, Intro to Programming,   Sect. # 7960.   Meets Computer Literacy Req. 3 units, transferrable to CSU.  
  When? On-Line all the time.  Instructor available every Wed 9am-12noon, K302, and by email -- .  
  Students give email addresses to Instructor who emails them assignments;  students read for info;  students work from list of assignments --  Students read materials, take online quizzes, put projects into portfolio (notebook).

Students sign up, send email address to Instructor.  Follow directions in email and from NEWS.HTML.  Take quizzes until you pass them.  Grades are automatically reported.  Students working for "A" must show portfolio at end of class.

  Where? The Online Classroom is at -- Instructor Office is K302/K309 Wed 9-noon.  
  Who? Prof. "A" teaches online classes in Web Design, Microsoft Applications.  
  Text? CIS 700/701 Workbook by Prof. Auciello, in bookstore, under $9.  
  Grades? Earn points by taking online tests.  Up to 10,000 points possible.  3500=A, 3000=B, 2500=C  
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  Contact?   email  Joseph@Auciello.   Office K309.   Phone (213) 763.7268  
  Philosophy:  Virtual Learning Community, Team Problem-Solving, High Performance Classroom;  Visual Learning.   Empowerment through Quality and Technology!