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The best way to contact me is at Joseph@Auciello.Net:  I check email every day.   .... Feel free to browse my Online Classroom Site -- Learn all that you can!   This email form uses Principles of Visual Commmunication, CQII, and Technology Optimizing Performance.   If you are a student and want to earn 50 extra credit points, email me with an explanation of CQII ....   Prof. A.  Out.  .....

CIS 701 - Intro. Computers Applications - Sect # ____ - OnLine Course - Fall 2005 - SEE INSTRUCTOR FOR START DATE and SECTION NO. Teaching WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, Web Research. Meets Computer Req, 4 units, CSU / UC transferable.

  When? On-Line all the time.  Instructor available: Hours posted on K309, and on (213) 763.7268.  Also by appointment and always at- .  
  How? Students complete enroll form -- -- Assignments emailed to students, and posted at  Online Index 701 -- -- Students read textbook, access web, take Online Quizzes, and email completed projects and build portfolio (notebook) shown at end of course.  
  Where? The Online Classroom is at -- follow the "Six Steps to Success"   
  Who? Prof. "A" teaches online classes in Web Design, Microsoft Applications, etc, is a  "Microsoft Innovative Teacher", co-developer of Online Stock Trading software.  
  Text? "CIS 701 Applications Workbook"  ($11) LATTC Bookstore +  Microsoft Office Handbook" textbook ($35)  optional reference book.  Also  downloadable materials on "Windows, Desktop and Web Applications" on Website.  
  Grades? Earn points by taking online tests.  Up to 10,000 possible.  4000=A, 3000=B, 2500=C   Work verified by exam and in person.  
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