COURSE TITLE:         Introductions to Computer and Their Uses





Instructor’s Name: 

Prof. Auciello



Course Name and Number:

Co. Info 701

Phone: (213) 763-7268


Section Number:



Office Hours:

11:20 – 12:10


Class Day/Time:


7:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Office Location:


Class Room:


Course Description:

This course provides an overview of microcomputer applications including a brief introduction to computer concepts. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Textbook (s):

Microsoft Office XP Introductory Concepts and Techniques Enhanced Edition

Required Materials:

Removable disks



Due Dates


February  4-10

Introduction to the class

February  11-17

*Lincoln’s Birthday

 Holiday (Feb. 15)

1.      Create a head disk folder, open an email account, create a back-up disk

February  18-24

*Washington’s Birthday Observed (Feb. 18 )

2.      Word , Lab Project 1, Number 1-create, edit text document

February  25-March 2

3.      Word, Lab Project 2, Number 1-research paper

March       3-9

4.      Word , Lab Project 3, Number 1-resume wizard

March      10-23

QUIZ - Thursday, March 13

March      24-30

*Spring Recess

(March 24-30)

Spring Recess ( March 24-30)

March      31- April 6

Cesar Chavez Holiday

Observed ( March 31 )

5.      Excel, Lab Project 1, Number 1-create worksheet, with chart

April       7-13

6.      Excel, Lab Project 2, Number 1-formulas, functions

April      14-20

7.      Excel, Lab Project 3, Number 1-copying formulas, functions

April      21-27

QUIZ - Thursday, April 24

April      28-May 4

8.      Access, Lab Project 1, Number 1- create database

May       5-11

9.      Access, Lab Project 2, Number 1-create query

May       12-18

10.  Access, Lab Project 3, Number 1-database maintenance

May     19-25

Last Week to Submit Assignments

May     26-June 1

*Memorial Day Observed

(May 26)

FINAL - Tuesday, May 27






10 Projects

300 Points each


2 Quizzes

200 Points each


Final Exam

100 Points





















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“Students with disabilities who need any assistance or accommodations should contact the instructor.”


“Topics and dates are subject to change. Announcements will be made in class. Students are responsible for adjusting the calendar.”


Other course information: Class attendance is not required. However, you must let me know if you are participating in the class by doing the assignments. I will regularly send e-mail messages to everyone in the class that will include a record of assignment completions by each student. You must make sure that I have your e-mail address in order for you to receive these messages. If you don’t get e-mail messages from me, then I do not have your e-mail address.



If I don’t have any evidence that you are participating in the class work, I will exclude you from the class so that you will not get a failing grade. The exclusion date to remember are Feb 19-Mar 1, for no grade to be recorded on your official record, and March 2 for a “W” to be recorded on your official record. After March 2 a letter grade must be assigned.


Due dates for the assignments are recommended dates only. There will be no penalty for late project assignments. However, all projects assignments must be turned in before June 1.


Assignments may be submitted in printed form in class, or as attachments to e-mail messages.


My e-mail address for this class is


Final examination date and time: Tuesday. May 27, 7:00a.m. - 9:00a.m.


Please contact me for any questions, concern, or requests.