CIS 701   Week 01

How?           Type  http://auciello.net

What?          Web Page for all classes.    

When?         2/week for attendance & download lessons, quizzes.
                   T-Th 7-11:20 (K305) - Off. Hrs: 11:20-12 T-Th (K309).

Why?           Online Data Base for several courses.

Who?           Prof.  Auciello (Prof. "A") email: joseph@auciello.net

Where?        Classes in K305. Office K309. Ph (213) 763-7268.

Text:           See Instructor.  A Workbook "Windows and Web    

                   Applications" by instructor, available free on website.

Highlight:    Website downloads a Real-Time Video Feed

                   (takes 15 - 40 secs). 

Grading:      3500 = A; 3000 = B;  2500 = C.  You may work any

                    lesson from the data base.  

Required:    Step #1- Enroll.    

                   Step #2- Intro Quiz (200)

                   Step #3- Record Attendance and Points

                   Step #4- Take "Web Quiz" located on CIS 701 Quizzes. 

                   Step #5- Finally, a visual project:  Principles of Visual

                                Communications ( type in http://govirtual.us/pvc.html

Topics/Research:  Look up TQM, WIKI, Visual Communication, "kinetic learners"

Philosophy:     Teamwork approach in an empowered  Learning Community

                        environment. High-Impact Communication.  Express yourself

                        digitally and on the web;  create portfolio.


CIS 701    Introduction to Computer Applications    Sect #0157     3 units  Tues - Thur  7am - 9:15am.      K305.       Prof. Joseph Auciello (Prof A).