CIS 701   Week 04

   International Characters.    Download http://auciello.tripod.com/woqu01.html  and complete and submit this lesson-quiz.

Here's an excerpt:   A friend of mine is named Bob Muņoz.  Note the ņ that I used.  Access the International Characters assignment (/701inter.doc) that looks like:



For 100 pts (100wa),  modify it.  Click "Insert an International Character by using a shortcut key"  that gives the following:

Repeat after me .... Press Ctrl, hold it down, press ' (upper left on keyboard, under Esc key), release Ctrl, then press a  to make  ā

CIS 701    Introduction to Computer Applications    Sect #0157     3 units  Tues - Thur  7am - 9:15am.      K305.       Prof. Joseph Auciello (Prof A).