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Feb. 19, 2003. Realizing that there is relationship between the "Quality" of my course and the "Quantity" (Number) of  students who can take it, I am "kicking my course up a couple of notches" by creating this Interactive DataBase that every  student can write to and read from, extending "Learning Community"  to "Virtual Learning Community"! So, refer to GRADE.DOC and the chronological list of assignments, after you finish a project,  you must post "How you did it." to this site. What tips, techniques, short-cuts, and importantly, what you learned to share with  classmates! Likewise, students may read "Tips and Techniques"  for doing a project, prior to or while doing the project! This is Quality, this is Communication, and Virtual Learning! Take from the Data Base what you need, and Add to its knowledge where  you can, with your name recorded for the future!  Make your answers Quality. JA. Out.

Q001:     DE CLASS RULES (Policies and Procedures)  (derules.htm).

Parts / all of this class is Online.  Grading is based on points earned for work completed, posted on Atten/Partic Form, and verified by Instructor. Points (or "Scoreboard") is your personal contract for a grade. "derules.htm"  explains (3) ways to earn points. Name the 3 ways to earn points.  Can you name another?


Q002:   Principles of Visual Communication (pvc.doc)

This is one of the pieces that helped shift the class paradigm from Text to Visual-based Communications! This is a classic work.  Understand it thoroughly. Write a short comment for each one, and "I agree or I disagree". Can you add any more Principles? What do you think of these Principles?

Q003:  Principles of Total Quality Management   (14tqm.html)

These 17 Principles, based on Dr. Deming's "14 Points for Management" were developed when Jim McCracken and I were teaching TQM, SPC, and Problem-Solving.   They will help you to function in a High-Quality, High-Performance environment.   Simply, write "I like this / I agree or I don't like this, I disagree" under each Principle. The Goal here is for you to have Mastery of TQM.  This assignment just has to be read, understookd, and commented on. Can you add anything to these Principles?  Do you have a comment on them?

Q004:  Mastering Word Processing    ( 701word3.doc )

Click Microsoft Office, click "Word".   The clue for this lesson is to type in the text and make it look like the handout.  Same spacing, same font, same images.  Only press <Enter> at the end of a paragraph.  Read the tips of your classmates.   Fill in all blanks.

Q005:  Using the "701 Start Disk"

Note the words on the label:   "701start"   and "start".   Navigate your way to "Accessories",   click "Command Prompt",   type A:\  followed by the <Enter> key (putting you in the A:\  drive).   Then type  "701start" which starts the program, and the Password is "start".   Unless you are told to repeat the lesson, you passed for 25 points per lesson.  You may enter the point on the A/P form like this -- 25micro-01 + 25micro-02.  I have a program (grade) that will verify your passing.   Ask me.  Learn how to run the "Grade" program.

Q006:  Getting an email address.     ( 701email.htm )

Please describe the steps that you took in getting a email address.