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July 6, 2003.   Just talking here.  I really hate to be "controlling", really I am quiet and introspective.  But I also have a mission about "doing things right, or not at all", so in the spirit of 'doing things right,  students will have to read this,  respond and submit this form, then record this event on the ATTEN / PARTIC FORM for no credit.  (I am giving away too much credit as it is),  You get the credit for doing the assignments, then reporting and commenting on your work on this page!,

Feb. 19, 2003. Realizing that there is relationship between the "Quality" of my course and the "Quantity" (Number) of  students who can take it, I am "kicking my course up a couple of notches" by creating this Interactive DataBase that every  student can write to and read from, extending "Learning Community"  to "Virtual Learning Community"! So, refer to GRADE.DOC and the chronological list of assignments, after you finish a project,  you must post "How you did it." to this site. What tips, techniques, short-cuts, and importantly, what you learned to share with  classmates! Likewise, students may read "Tips and Techniques"  for doing a project, prior to or while doing the project! This is Quality, this is Communication, and Virtual Learning! Take from the Data Base what you need, and Add to its knowledge where  you can, with your name recorded for the future!  Make your answers Quality. JA. Out.

Q000:     DE HOW TO SIGN-IN and RECORD PARTICIPATION (Atten/Partic Form)  

Most important. At least twice / week, submit this form that contains your section#, name, date, Total Points to-date (the sum of previous + today's points) and an explanation / justification of today's points -- 25T means  25 points for checking in, plus possibly 25 points if you worked on a team, indicate the initials of the team member, like 25JA. Plus the short name of the assignment, like 100email for email assignment.  Look at the form that it generates, note the work done by your classmates. Note the order of the form.  Note how points increase. 

This form is the key to all my classes. It is imperative that you understand it. Please describe below how you use this form, so others can understand. Explain how you compute Total Points, and explain points entered, please.

Q001:     DE CLASS RULES (Policies and Procedures)  (derules.htm).

Parts / all of this class is Online.  Grading is based on points earned for work completed, posted on Atten/Partic Form, and verified by Instructor. Points (or "Scoreboard") is your personal contract for a grade. "derules.htm"  explains (3) ways to earn points. Name the 3 ways to earn points.  Can you name another?


Q002:   Principles of Visual Communication (pvc.doc)

This is one of the pieces that helped shift the class paradigm from Text to Visual-based Communications! This is a classic work.  Understand it thoroughly. Write a short comment for each one, and "I agree or I disagree". Can you add any more Principles? What do you think of these Principles?

Q003:  Principles of Total Quality Management   (14tqm.html)

These 17 Principles, based on Dr. Deming's "14 Points for Management" were developed when Jim McCracken and I were teaching TQM, SPC, and Problem-Solving.   They will help you to function in a High-Quality, High-Performance environment.  (50 points extra credit if you can find an article written by me and Martin Madigan on the web.)  Simply, write "I like this / I agree or I don't like this, I disagree" under each Principle. The Goal here is for you to have Mastery of TQM.  This assignment just has to be read, understood, and commented on. Can you add anything to these Principles?  Do you have a comment on them?

Q004:  Mastering Word Processing    ( 701word3.doc )

Click Microsoft Office, click "Word".   The clue for this lesson is to type in the text and make it look like the handout.  Same spacing, same font, same images.  Only press <Enter> at the end of a paragraph.  Read the tips of your classmates.   Fill in all blanks.

Q005:  Using the "701 Start Disk"

Note the words on the label:   "701start"   and "start".   Navigate your way to "Accessories",   click "Command Prompt",   type A:\  followed by the <Enter> key (putting you in the A:\  drive).   Then type  "701start" which starts the program, and the Password is "start".   Unless you are told to repeat the lesson, you passed for 25 points per lesson.  You may enter the point on the A/P form like this -- 25micro-01 + 25micro-02.  I have a program (grade) that will verify your passing.   Ask me.  Learn how to run the "Grade" program.

Q006:  Getting an email address.     ( 701email.htm )

Please describe the steps that you took in getting a email address.

Q007:   CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT.     ( 701 CRITICAL THINKING ("RED CAR") )   (Maybe, wait on this)

Refer to 701-REDCAR.DOC -- After completing the assignment, give short answers: What is the "Red Car"? How fast did they go? When they stopped running, was this a plus or minus for transportation in Los Angeles? Go as deep as you can. Clues: Pacific Electric vs General Motors (look it up)! Show me how deep you can go!

Q008:   LET'S GET REAL!   "GRADE.DOC"  and "putting points on the scoreboard"

Find  in the Virtual Classroom.  (If any link does not work, type it into the address line of the browser, exactly as it appears, respecting the case of the letters.)  Note that  Checklist #1, #2 are in the textbook.  Check off these skills as you learn them.  Go find them, work them, and write down "I got the checklists, Mr. A.  I can handle this. "

Ask me if I am worried about a lot of people taking the class, some of whom who no or limited computer skills, and using modes of communication (email, web) that they are unskilled with?  YES.  SO, they must come to class every MON and TUES to get "hands-on" instruction.  Must come.  Period.  You have to do at least 400 points worth of work per week, or you will be dropped!  But that is not too difficult.  You get 25 points per day for signing in, and another 25 points per day for working with someone (team), and can get 25 points for passing each quiz on the 701 START DISK!  Also, you get points for downloading projects, some of which you just have to read and sign (then put them in your notebook), such as TQM and Principles of Visual Communication (find this).   The real learning, of course, comes when you actually "do" the stuff yourself. 

Comment on the above,  please.  Any suggestions?


Q009:   701-MAP.

Keep it simple.   Go to Yahoo.  Find Maps.  Key in your zip code.  Get a map of your community on the screen.  Hit the <Print Screen> key, next to F12 key.  Then open WORD, blank document,  then click Edit - Paste  ... and the map should get "pasted" onto your document.  Get help if you need to on this.  Print this out,  Put in book.   Submit 100-701map  for points.  Later, if you can go to Paint, and Mark an "X" where the nearest Library is, I will give you another 100 points.

I will post more questions just before the 2nd week.  So keep looking.  Thank you. Prof. A. out.