CIS 701                                                                              701MASTER                              

This is the famous "Mastermind" game written in QBASIC. 

Topics:   Playing Mastermind. 
                 Scientific Method (testing a hypothesis and process of elimination).
                 Controlled Hypothesis (IF-THEN). 
                 High Performance Work Techniques.  
                 Engineering approach.  
                 AND, EITHER-OR,  NEITHER-NOR  (NAND)  Logic. 
                 Deductive Reasoning.  
                 Translate concepts to Meta-Language then to Logic.  Tracking your actions. 

1.    Download the program by clicking

2.    You must have the QBASIC compiler loaded on your computer.   See me or my TA's for 
        further info.

3.     From the Command Prompt, type        QBASIC MASTER


4.   Read the directions.   Press <F5> to run program.   Select Level (A - D).
      Start with "A".    Select numbers, determine where they go.

5.     When you win, if you win,  press <Print Scrn> to capture to the clipboard.   Open a blank 
        WORD document, then Paste, creating the document below.  Print and put in Project 


CIS 701                                   701MASTER