CIS 701 Distance Education QUIZ -04b

Prof. Auciello's Virtual Classroom Quiz

7 - 9 class = Section 0123

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This lesson-quiz represents some 'break-through' thinking: These quizzes demand interaction. The plan is to create the equivalent of a classroom discusson on the Web. Added to this is that you are graded for participating, and hopefully you will glean information from others that will add to your understanding and subsequently Mastery over the topics discussed.

At the end of the lesson, -- when you know that you understand it -- say "Mr. A. -- I got this lesson, thank you -- and type your name.


The idea behind your doing each assignment at the "Perfection Level" then storing it in your Portfolio is to reinforce your abilities and strengthen your confidence in dealing with these technical topics.

The Notebook belongs to you; represents you; is your personal proof of the assignments completed. It should be at Presentation- type Quality. You are in charge of your learning; Instructors just facilitate, manage, expedite, and supervise the process.

What are your comments on the above?



The quizzes on the "Start" Disk contain sentences dealing with Information Technology. Sentences are complete thoughts, so each one should convey some information. They are put in a format that should make you think about each one, literally "make a connection", and register a complete thought in your memory. Usually, they build on each other, and are thematically related.

They are based on the NBA principle of allowing "only 3 seconds in the lane" -- you have window of 10 seconds to take a shot with your response. In this case, your process of reading, processing and storing in short-term memory, retrieving in an eye-hand coordination SHOULD result in improving your rate of Reading Comprehension. The quiz is meant to create some energy and emotion in order to pass it. The quiz gives you no break, and can only be passed by your recognizing key concepts and responding to them quickly.

It is also based on the premise that the Computer is in control -- -- the reading and matching on the printouts are when you are in control -- but the testing is under computer control. The testing part does little learning; it only verifies what you know.

There are different "learning styles", and this time-sensitive, linear-logical, computer-managed comprehension test may not work for you. This has happned. I am very interested in your thoughts and reactions to this quiz!

Write me some short answers, expresseing your thoughts.


"CRITICAL THINKING" means being able to pull out experiences from memory, develop new conclusions from proven thought- processes.

You did some of this in beating Solitaire. This week you will be pulling down some information from the "Help" Menu. I think that reading Help info and applying Critical Thinking methods will accelerate your learning process.

Example of C.T.: Given a tire with a nail in it, a can of "flat-fixer" at a Service Station that has promised to fix the tire if the flat-fixer doesn't work ...

Air let out of tire. Flat-fixer goes in. Nail is removed. Tire still leaks ... Service Station, looking at your flat tire, changes story to "that tire can not be fixed. -- You have to buy a new one."

One solution is to put the nail back in, then drive a short distance to get a used tire. ...

Comment on this process, and give your own anecdote if you can.


List the advantages of having a HomePage. Disavantages?

Can you think of a way to take a step beyond or in addition to having a page on the Web?


Please explain these terms: Empowerment, TQM, Continuous Quality Improvement & Innovation.

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