Adding Streaming, Live-TV,  Cybercasts, and  Embedded Videos.   As "much media as possible on web pages!" 


 (Credit to Delores Williams, Media Consultant for Video assistance.)
Customized WebPages, “High-Impact” Communication for personal and business applications.  JAVASCRIPT turns “flat” web pages into a dynamic,“rich media” interactive. Java Applets,  Flash objects, Video and Audio Players. Custom webpage development / personal portfolio of  projects,  developing commercial applications, using multi-media, interactive tools to enhance a website, with JavaScript (JS) Programming.    JavaScript allows you to go “well-beyond” HTML!      

  • Dynamic, "rich media" webpages.
  • FTP to upload  Files, Objects, etc to Web using several  “File Transfer Programs”.
  • Make programs secure through “encryption”,  or “compiling” – protect source code /  Protecting programs,  Intellectual Property.  Copyrights, etc.. 
  • "Interactive Rich-Media":  VIDEO, Podcasting, Music Buttons, Java Applets ...
  •   Application to “YouTube”, “MetaCafe”,  “VidNet”, etc – for “digital presence”
  • "Heavy"  HTML, JavaScript Programming!
  • Learn "wiki" -- community collaboration input -- apply to WebPages.
  • Prof. "A" writes WebPages for companies and schools. 
  • Inventor -- Wiki VideoBook Software.(patented).
  • Collaboration with other Professors to build your Portfolio!.

CIS 757  Internet Programming / Web Design. Sect #0168.  3 units.  Tues - Thur  915am - 1120.  K305.  Prof. Joseph Auciello (Prof A).
(213) 763-7268 Joseph@Auciello.net   -- Get Add Card from Office.

For more information, please contact  Bus. Dept. Office,  K225, (213) 763 7252