Adding Streaming, Live-TV,  Cybercasts, and  Embedded Videos.   As "much media as possible on web pages!" 

                            (Credit to Delores Williams, Media Consultant for Video assistance.)
(Using Downloadable text "The HTML WEB Classroom" by Paul Meyers, provided by Instructor.) Customized Web Pages, “High-Impact” Communication for personal and business applications.  JAVASCRIPT (JS) turns “flat” web pages into a dynamic, “Rich Media” interactive. Java Applets,  Flash objects, Video and Audio Players.  Custom web page development / personal portfolio of  projects,  developing commercial applications, using multi-media, interactive tools to enhance a website, with JS Programming. JS allows going “well-beyond” HTML!

  • Dynamic, "rich media" webpages.
  • FTP to upload  Files, Objects, etc to Web using several  “File Transfer Programs”.
  • Make programs secure through “encryption”,  or “compiling” – protect source code /  Protecting programs,  Intellectual Property.  Copyrights, etc.. 
  • "Interactive Rich-Media":  VIDEO, Podcasting, Music Buttons, Java Applets ...
  • Application to “YouTube”, “MetaCafe”,  “VidNet”, etc – for “digital presence”
  • "Heavy"  HTML, JavaScript Programming!
  • Learn "wiki" -- community collaboration input -- apply to WebPages.
  • Prof. "A" writes WebPages for companies and schools. 
  • Inventor -- Wiki VideoBook Software (patented).
  • Collaboration with other Professors to build your Portfolio!

CIS 757  Internet Programming / Web Design. Sect #0168.  3 units.

Tues - Thur  915am - 1120.  K305.  Prof. Joseph Auciello (Prof A).
(213) 763-7268 Joseph@Auciello.net   -- Get Add Card from Office.

For more information, please contact  Bus. Dept. Office,  K225, (213) 763 7252