CIS 757   Week 01R


  Follow these instructions very carefully.  Figure them out as you go along .. if you get stuck, see me or a classmate .. Open FrontPage,  select "Normal or Design"  (bottom left tab).   Click Table-Insert-Table, select 1 row, 1 column.  Looks like this:




Then, right-click it, and change its borders, and colors.  And go into HTML tab to see how it is written in HTML.


<table border="3" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"

        bordercolor="#0000FF" width="75%" bgcolor="#FFFF99">
         <td width="100%">Blue borders, 5 pixels wide,&nbsp; light yellow




tr = table row.  td = table column.  <tr> starts row.  </tr> ends row.

Find a resource for HTML commands on web.  Look up  tr, td, etc.

Credit to 757 for finding and printing HTML Color Codes, also found under CIS 757 Projects.



CIS 757    Web Design & Internet Programming    Sect #0168     3 units  Tues - Thur  9:15 - 11:20 am.   K305.   Prof. Joseph Auciello (Prof A).


Blue borders, 3 pixels wide,  light yellow background!