CIS 757 Distance Education QUIZ -01

Prof. Auciello's Virtual Classroom Quiz

Last.First Name:


Following is the Scrolling Banner JavaScript Program:
Please Copy-and-Paste it to Notepad, then print it out,
then type it in, naming it scrban01.htm

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Creating a Scrolling Banner</TITLE> <IMG SRC="X.GIF" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=50 WIDTH=30> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var BannerString="This is 'Banner-2' -- 2nd Scrolling Assignment for CIS 757 -- Prof. Auciello --- HTML Programming at LATTC. Customize Banner Messages with Font, Color, Speed -- Where's the Music? ... Credit Troy for suggestion ..."; var timer = 0; function Scrollfunction(){ document.textform.textbox.value = BannerString; // displays banner.// alert ("The reconfigured banner is -- " + " " + BannerString + " " // + " -- Creates new string by moving the //1st char to the end! Wrap Around! //Very Slick!"); BannerString= BannerString.substring(1,BannerString.length) + BannerString.charAt(0) // reconstitute string. //decrease timeout value to speed up, increase to slow down timer = setTimeout("Scrollfunction()",10) } </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor = red onLoad = Scrollfunction()> <FONT SIZE=3 COLOR = "blue"><p style="font: 14pt arial"><B> <FORM NAME = "textform" onSubmit = "0"> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="textbox" SIZE="25" VALUE=""> </FONT> <!-- START MAIN TABLE --> <table border=1 cellpadding=0 width=700> <tr> <td> </tr> </td> </table> <!-- END MAIN TABLE --> </body> </HTML>
Q001: How do you change the banner message?

Q002: Attendance / Participation.

There is a Check-In Form under Main Index to use daily.
Follow the format.
"I got it, Mr. A."

Q003: Textbook.

"HTML for Dummies" (about $10) is good.
So is the HTML Study Guide.
Purchase any book that has HTML Ref. Information.
Tell me what book you bought.


Check out at least 10, including Garcia, Rosas, Nassari.
Comment on the (3) that you like best, include references to:
images, animated images, flash animation (if you understand that),music, use of color, etc ...
Comment below:

Q005: You will need freeware/shareware versions of or network access for:

   Webber32 (premier web editor),
   SEA (viewer),
   Graphics Workshop (editor),
   Java Compiler (compile Java Applets),
   MS Photo EditorLook (graphics editor).
Please list what you have, if any.
(Freeware copies will be given to you, next week.)


ACCESS (classical music web site) or any music site, find a midi (music) file that you like, and save
it to your floppy (right-hand click, Save As)

What song(s) did you save? Where did you find it? List the URL.

(I found the music to "I want to hold your hand." by searching for Beetles.)