CIS 757 Distance Education QUIZ -01

Prof. Auciello's Virtual Classroom Quiz

9 - 11 class = Section 0123

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Q001: CIS 757 QUIZ 01 PROF. AUCIELLO This lesson-quiz represents some 'break-through' thinking: ... the premise that the student is an active 'participant' in the learning process ... highly interactive, participative environment that can function synchronously (real-time) or asynchronously (anywhere, anytime outside of class).' You must respond to each question, and compare and discuss your answers with others .. You will be graded on your last and best quiz. You are expected to build on what you read, and do more thinking and research and submit responses in your own words. In other words, learn from what you read, and improve on it, and make it yours. 1) Talking about Grading ... 4500 = A. 4000 = B. 3500 = C, etc. For every class day that you sign in and read the posted information, you will receive 50 Points (Max 200 / week). For each Project that you do, that is printed out and put in your Project Notebook, 100 Points (as many as you can do). These Projects demonstrate your Computer / Internet and document your grade. Exceptionally good web-pages can earn 200 - 400 points for each page! For Helping Another Student to complete His / Her Project, 50 Points per day (Max 200 / week). Document these points on the Extra Credit Worksheet (posted on our website). THERE ARE SOME OLD-TYPE, DOS-BASED QUIZZES (THAT I HAVE NOT YET CONVERTED TO A WEB-LANGUAGE. IF I GIVE YOU THESE QUIZZES ON A FLOPPY, YOU WILL EARN 25 POINTS FOR EACH ONE THAT YOU PASS TO A MAXIMUM OF 40 QUIZZES. THERE ARE OVER 25 PROJECTS POSTED UNDER "Java / JavaScript" FIND THEM, AND START ANYWAY, AND DO AS MANY AS YOU CAN. Respond: "I understand the grading, Mr A."


Q002: Attendance / Participation. There is a Check-In Form under Main Index to use daily. Follow the format. "I got it, Mr. A."

Q003: Textbook. "HTML for Dummies" (about $10) is good. So is the HTML Study Guide. Purchase any book that has HTML Ref. Information. Tell me what book you bought.

Q004: Look at STUDENTS' HOMEPAGES. Check out at least 10, including Garcia, Rosas, Nassari. Comment on the (3) that you like best, include references to: images, animated images, flash animation (if you understand that), music, use of color, etc ... Comment below:

Q005: You will need freeware/shareware versions of or network access for: Webber32 (premier web editor), FTP, SEA (viewer), Graphics Workshop (editor), Java Compiler (compile Java Applets), MS Photo EditorLook (graphics editor). Please list what you have, if any. (Freeware copies will be given to you, next week.)

Q006: ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY: ACCESS (classical music web site) or any music site, find a midi (music) file that you like, and save it to your floppy (right-hand click, Save As) What song(s) did you save? Where did you find it? List the URL. (I found the music to "I want to hold your hand." by searching for Beetles.)

Q007: Your Main Assignment this week is to start typing "Introduction to Visual Communications" (under 757 - DE Projects). Print it out from the Web. Check in here that you have started it. Later, you can come back, and indicate that you have finished it.