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Pre-topics: 1. Virus scanning. 2. Finding "calc.exe" Java Topics: Access "Color Table with RGB Codes" From Virtual Classroom under Java Javascript Complete assignment "Color Table with RGB Codes" (790col-1) for 100 points. Put the background and foreground codes selected Into the Java Week 1 assignment (757-01.htm, Hello World).

Answer all questions in assignment. Put in notebook, of course. Modify loop to count down from 10 times to 1 times. Action Item: Understand Loop and Decrementing. Copy and Paste display output. Print. Put in Book.. 100 points. Note: the following (4) statements are equal: bgcolor = red bgcolor = "FF0000" bgcolor = "ff0000" bgcolor = "#ff0000" Remind Instructor to discuss every line in 757-01.htm Also find and Print out "Barebones HTML Guide"

Pre-topics: "As I inserted an old 3.5" floppy in my system, I "got" that this floppy might contain a virus, and that I was about to step into the midst of disaster. A quick jump to my "Dr. Solomon" fv86.exe program to run FV86 A: -- resulted in "0 viruses detected". This assumes a later version of the detector program than the virus! Putting an unverified floppy disk into your system means at some point you will be looking for backups of file that got erased from your hard disk! Action Item: Locate a virus detection program on your system McAfee, Dr. Solomon, Norton AV, etc -- Test your disks. If you do not have a program, go to "Virus Protection" on and get a free download of a trial version. Find "calculator" (calc.exe). Click "scientific". Click ‘hexadecimal’. Enter number. Press ‘decimal’ To convert hex number to decimal.

Action item: Master this.