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Virtual Classroom


Payroll Calculator:  This is part of an Access Lesson;  start by changing BAKER to BOND, and 0002 to 007.  Next change Deduction to 25%, then click the COMPUTE button. Click COMPUTE every time you change a number to perform the calculations!.  Note NET changed to $300, which is $400 Gross pay - $100 Deductions (25%).

Change ABLE's Hours to 50. 10 hours overtime at time-and-a-half is 15 hours, right?  And 15 hours at $10/hour = $150,  which added to $400 Regular Pay gives  Gross Pay of $550.  Then verify that since his deductions are 10% of his Gross Pay, which is $55,  that he gets to keep $495.   (In reality, deductions range from 25% to 40%.)

It is important that you 'experiment' with this program, trying every option until you feel that you completely understand the this payroll calculator.  Experiment by entering various combinations of Pay Rates, Hours, and Deductions until you feel you have mastered this concept!

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