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Read each item, do one question at-a-time, checking each answer with the 'test' button, and press 'Submit Data' button when you have completed the quiz. If you have any trouble doing this lesson, come see me in class.

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Topics covered:  Information for CIS 701 DISTANCE EDUCATION Students..

Fill out the Name, and email boxes (Section No. and Date are automatically generated).

Section No  Last Name.. First Name  email name .      

Use "test" buttons to check individual answers before
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1   July 11. You must check in Mon - Thurs.  This class meets 4 times per week.  ================
We are communicating here in a 'literal' environment without eye-contact,  gestures, intonations, body language. We must communicate effectively or we both fail.  Simply put, you must "get" these questions and act on them, or you can't pass this OnLine course.   So take it up a 'couple of notches" and show me what you know!
 How many times per week, minimum, must you check in?  Click the  "Test" button to check answer.

If your name is not here or you have under 100 points,  immediately, right now, click  and record 125 points:  25t + 100A-GRAMS for doing this assignment!   Give yourself 25 points for checking in each class day, and points for completing projects.

  If you are signing in for Attendance / Participation for the 1st time, how many points do you record under 'New Total'?  

Education is a Gift, and it is up to you to seize it and run with it!  Say "Carpe Diem"  (Seize the Day!) right now.  Say "Empowerment!"   Repeat after me:  "Quality creates Marketshare", then say: "Practice Makes Perfect.  Perfection Creates Power. Power Makes the Rules.  Rulers Control the Game.  Controllers Win the Game."  Exactly how the game is won or lost!

 Fill in the blank:  You have to achieve  to create Power.   

 The Book "CIS 701 - Prof. Auciello's Virtual Classroom" is in Bookstore, ask for it, Get the CD, Start-Disk, email address, and internet access from me.  Come in every Mon and Tues Morn until I give you permission to work Online.  Download, read, and initial which is an ONLINE PREP CHECKLIST.

To pass the class, you have to "put points on the scoreboard" by finding the projects (listed in, [GRADE.DOC contains a list of all projects.] doing them, downloading them, customizing them / building on their templates, printing them out, signing them, and putting them in the PROJECT NOTEBOOK (portfolio).  

    What is the name of the document that contains a list of the projects? Use  Capital Letters.   

 Earn points also by doing "701-START" quizzes (how to run them is described below -- come to class if you need help) and when you pass them, record them on ATTEN / PARTIC FORM as 25micro-00 (25 pts for passing micro-00),  Take a look at  and note how many questions there are, then come back and take it later for 100 points and record it.   Be brave and start wordquiz01.  Also there are web quizzes (701q1 ... 701q1a ... etc) worth 50 points each.  Also, be brave and do 701-MAP and 701-FONTS at 100 points each.  

     How many questions are there in iq01.html?

 Excel Quizzes: Click   and  which are  up and running. 

     How many questions are there in excelquiz01?
To use the "Start Disk", follow these steps
1) Click "Start"
2) Go to "Programs"
3) Go to "Accessories"

4) Go to "DOS Prompt or "Command Prompt" (Windows 2000 or XP) 
Like this:  Start->Programs->Accessories->DOS / Command Prompt

Once you're in DOS, you will need to work from the "Start Disk" in the floppy drive. To do this type: A:\
Your DOS prompt should now look like this: A:\>
Now, to use the "Start Disk", type: 701start.
When you're asked for a password, type start  (lower case).
From here you should be able to use the Start Disk.

Start with MICRO-00.   Enter  MICRO-00  for the name of the lesson.

 If it doesn't work,meet me in class.
      What is the name of the password.   Watch case.
8   Dr. Deming said: "Quality creates Marketshare" which  restates as: "Perfection leads to Success."  I am saying hit the "99th percentile" in the important things in your life.  In this new, wonderful, highly-diverse, high-technological world, more than ever, it is "Performance" than counts.  The work that you do is your "defining attribute"!  --  Technology has "leveled the Playing Field" -- and has really created  "Equal Opportunity" -This is the new paradigm that we operate under.  Those that know it must succeed; those who ignore it, and don't make  "Performance and Quality" their Prime Mission will fall to the wayside.  Technology opens doors.  Reach for the door knob!       
Quality creates     (one word)
9   Access -- "Extra Credit" sheet.  Print it out, and start giving  yourself, for example, 100 points for printing out TQM.DOC and writing "I agree / I disagree" under each paragraph.  Show me that you interacted with the material.  Submit other items for E.C. -- like going to Fry's Electronics, and investigating "Flash Drive Memory Stick Devices" -- document your trek across the Digital Divide and earn extra credit.   Don't be passive.  Be active, pro-active and Interactive!  
 Type in the exact web address of the Extra Credit Sheet.  Use lower case, and watch the :,  /,  and .   
10  FYI: (1)  If your "Start Disk" doesn't work, see me for replacement.  (2) The CD contains most of the assignments as a backup for the website. (3) Always put "CIS 701" in the Subject line of mail to me  (4) Don't send me attachments: print them and put them in your notebook.  (5) If you find any "broken links", send me the info.  
   Do you get to keep the notebook which turns into a "Portfolio"?  Answer  Yes   or   No. 
11   TAKING THIS COURSE NEXT SEMESTER -- If you get overwhelmed with  this course, and  want to re-take it, then, WHY NOT -- like some students already have -- switch to the next semester?  I will be happy to let you in.  Just let me know  and sign up for the Fall course, and / or come see me for an "ADD CARD".   I will credit your work towards the Next Semester!  How cool is that? Email me and let me know.  
     Type in my email address.  (see top of page)  Email addresses are NOT case sensitive.  Web addresses are extremely case sensitive!

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