Hours        Topics      

2            Managing Statistical Process Control

3            Overview of SPC Software

1            Forming Management / Steering Committee Teams

2            Using Measurement Tools:  Charts, Graphs, Frequency

             Distribution, Pareto Charts

2            Introduction to World Class Benchmarking

2            Managing Employee feedback on performance and

             achievements (Steering Committee)

2            Basic of Managing Metrics / Managing Data towards

             Process Improvement

2            Managing conversion of employees to a High Performance

             Workplace / Developing Synergism 

2            Managing the Problem-Solving Process

2            Using the MIS system.

2            Evaluating, acting on, allocating resources for

             proposals from employee Problem-Solving Teams

2            Crisis Management / Conflict Resolution / Negotiation


2            Applying Principles of Continuous Improvement


26 Hours Total


Objective: To give Managers the leadership to convert Company into
a High Performance Workplace. Measurement tools will be developed,

standardized, and used to evaluate performance. Procedures will be
developed based on documenting the successful steps of converting
to a High Performance Workplace.

Competencies Gained:
Use Measuring Tools
Managing High Performance Work Techniques
Teaching High Performance Workskills to others
Managing Employee Conversion to a High Performance Workplace
Trouble-Shoot root causes of problems and implement permanent solutions

Control Charts

Pareto Diagram

Problem Solving Tools and Techniques