TQM Course Modules

CLASS/LAB                            Topics

2              Classify & tally problems caused by Manpower,

               Machinery, Method, Material, & Mgmt

2              Identify customer expectations / Create

               (metrics to track completion of mileposts of

               customer satisfaction

4              Problem Solving: Implement permanent

               correction and Maintain it through the use of


2              Process Improvement

2              Supplier Partnerships: Goals & establishment

               of objectives

2              Contract types and when they should be used

2              Supplier Surveys / Principles of Supplier

               Certification and Requirements

2              Cost Control: Target Pricing, Cost/Price


               Benchmarking, Value Analysis

2              Development of proposals to suppliers

4              ISO Principles for Managers


24 hours                  

Course Objective: To train a group of managers to improve quality, productivity, and deliverability by trouble-shooting root causes & implementing permanent solutions to problems, and to teach others these quality- and productivity-improvement skills.

Competencies Gained:
Apply TQM to work.
Develop measurement tools (metrics)
Develop work procedures using work steps.
Reduce waste, improve productivity and deliverability
Develop, monitor, and evaluate supplier relationships

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