LATTC Intro to Computer Applications Course [CIS 701]

This is a Self-Assessment of your Progress thru the course. Read Questions. Click appropriate "Radio Button" to answer. This form is not graded... This is the Checkpoint for Group #4.

1. 701-DISCOVERY. I completed the assignment and put it in my notebook for 100 points.

True False

2. I 'discovered' a lot of very neat and interesting programs, and how to run them! (I like the discovery method.) ...

True False

3. 701-QUAKE. The answers are in my notebook!
(I did the lat. and longitude, studied, the maps, answered the questions, and found the CAL TECH quake center on the Internet!)

True False

4. I completed 701-Letterhead.
(100 Points)

5. Don't Worry, Mr. A, I have the hang of it. I am under control. I can do the work or find ways to get help to do the work! (If you have trouble, fill out the form below, and / or email me questions -- I or my famed cyber-tutors will be back to you very quickly!)

True False

Print out this Form, stash in Notebook.

This form tells me how many assignments you have done. It is a 'benchmark", a milepost, a status indicator of your progress thru Group #4. Don't check off an assignment until it is done, printed and in your viewbinder and is of the same or better quality than the demo assignments. The answers that you give must be verifiable and backed up by your work in the notebook, and based on "Work Actually Completed." This screen is to be submitted at the end of Week 4 or whenever you update the status of a Group 4 assignment. Please use it to tell me what your progress is.

You can change the color of the background simply by switching the options in the pull down menu

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