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Self Assessment Test:   You should “test drive” my course(s), “trying before you buy” (enroll) in them!   Do the Projects A, B, C;  takes about an hour.  If you think you can do the course, go ahead and enroll!  Else keep working away until ready!


IF YOU WANT IN RIGHT AWAY, enroll online at -- “How do I Register for Classes” – OPTION 1, or call 213.763.5300 (Admissions) or go to the “R” Bldg.   Then email me


Pass these (3)  projects and you will earn 500 (500-intro) points which you can use to “jump-start” the course!


Project A.  Pass an ONLINE QUIZ.    

1. Using Internet Explorer or Netscape, type



2. Take the Lesson (about 20 – 60 mins). It's comprehensive  about iPods, Broadband Casting,  state-of-the-art topics.  Fill out Name and email Address, and   press “Submit”.


Project B.  Pass Intro Quiz 01.

Type  -- This lesson-quiz explains Attendance, how to find lessons and earn points.   The “guts of the course”.   (This is also Step #2 of the “Six Steps”, which you can also find on my website,  


Project C.  Submit “Enroll”  Form.

Type  (or click on Step #1 on the website.)  By completing these projects,  you will demonstrate that you can successfully pass my course(s)   and you have earned 500 points!


Section Numbers:

CIS 700 Online = 7960;  CIS 701 Online = 0157;  CIS 701 (M-W 7-9am) = 7830

Email me  or    Work smarter.  Be well.  Prof. A. Out.