ALL CLASSES Distance Education QUIZ (all-01.htm)

Prof. Auciello's Virtual Classroom Quiz

Last.First Name:




PLEASE ANSWER EVERY QUESTION COMPLETELY. IT IS OK TO SAY "I don't have it" or "I don't know". I am looking for feedback here.


Did you purchase: 1: 4 extra disks? 2: Viewbinder (required for all classes)? 3: Some type of text or study guide? 4. Did you submit your email address (Job #1)? (so it will be on file)



     Have you a copy of:
     1. Course Outline (borrow a one from classmates to copy until
                        I post it on the web)
     2. DE Class Rules?
     3. Distance Education Checklist?
     4. Can you find the Extra Credit Sheet?  
     5. Do you have a copy?

     Have you read them yet?  Yes or No, please.


       Start Disks (CIS 701).
      1.  Understand 25 points per quiz passed?
      2.  How to start it?
      3.  How to grade it?
      4.  What do you    like about this Comprehension Quiz?
      5.  What do you dislike about it?


      Web Based Quizzes:

      1.  How much is each completed one worth? (ANS. 100 POINTS)

      2.  Before you take a quiz, it may be a good idea to 
          type your name like this:  Simpson.Karen - checking
          to verify that the quiz works.  Understand?

      3.  Can you stop in the middle of one, and complete it later?

      4.  Do the codes in front of your answer indicate time and
          address of your submission?   

      5.  If you like, print out the quizzes, put in ViewBinder,
          for backup documentation.  (no response required).

      6.  Do you know how to click "reload" to see if your answers to
          the quizzes got submitted?                 


      Team Concept:

      1.  Do you understand what "Learning Community" means?  Explain if you can.

      2.  Are you working well with your classmates to find answers?

      3.  Do you understand that everybody has special talents, and if we
          work together, we all pull each other ahead?

      4.  Comment on this: "Value Added" means the actions in the classroom
          add to the mission -- which means 'developing your Skill Sets'.


Attendance / Participation Check-in: 1. Are these correct entries? 0125.stimson.karen.2001.07.17.350.(att+ast+vc) 0125.stimson.karen.2001.07.18.500.(sol+att+ast) 2. What's wrong with each of the following entries? 2a. JONES.GARY.2001.07.07.300.(vc) 2b. 0125.JONES.GARY.2001.JULY.07.450.(SOL+ATT+AST) 2c. 0125.jones.gary.2001.07.08.500-fonts+att+ast 3. How does this Attendance / Participation help you? How does it support Distance Education (working outside of class?) 4. Advanced question: Can you explain why the scores go up as one reads the entries of a student? How they are listed that way? 5. Can you go back and fix your incorrect entries?

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