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A Virtual- Interactive-Visual Applications (VIVA) Lesson created by Prof. Joseph Auciello and California Technical Training.  (c) Copyright, 2003 - 2006.

  ... This is a lesson-quiz on Avian Flu Prevention. It refers to an Information Webpage -- a PowerPoint Presentation (http://govirtual.us/avi.html) -- which you will open up in a 2nd window.

Having multiple windows open will reinforce your research skills in a Virtual Environment! You will get questions from one window, and access answers from other windows! Yes!

This lesson-quiz is about 'doing-checking-repeating-until-done'. Verify every answer with its Test Button!

... If you have to exit early, press Submit Button, then return to next question(s). Press 'Submit' when you have partially or fully completed the quiz.

You may stop this test and record your progress by hitting the Submit button, then continue where you left out, and your points will be added toward the maximum for this test! Retake this quiz until you reach the maximum.

This information repeats.

Topics covered:   Text, Video Comprehension.  Intro and Adv Web Operations. 

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Below is the Main Page of Avian Flu Information site at  http://govirtual.us/avi.html -- the expectation is that you will learn a lot of about flu prevention, about "Rich Media" presentations, and 'enjoy the ride' ....





  Start      FrontPage     VIVA Quiz   Avian Flu Prev.

To take this quiz, you must have another windows open:  Click  http://govirtual.us/avi.html which access the above front page.   Note the Taskbar -- at the bottom of the screen above  -- which contains the following icons -- Read with me from the left: Start -- Microsoft FrontPage -- VIVA Quiz (this page) -- Avian Flu Prevention.  These are Programs that I have running that I can switch to by clicking on them.  Whatever is showing on your desktop, you can switch to by clicking its icon.  This way you can shift back-and-forth from the VIVA Quiz to the Avian Flu Prevention windows (or any applications for that matter!)  .   Try it!

You need to have two windows opened,  and understand that by clicking on the Taskbar you can switch Windows!...  

The Taskbar is shown in a larger image below.


Accessing the "Avian Flu Prevention"  window by typing  http://govirtual.us/avi.html, placed it on the right of the Taskbar above, and, usually,  the Taskbar is placed at the bottom of your desktop, as shown above. [If it is not, get help to have the Taskbar operating.]   So, switch to the "Avian Flu Prevention" window.

You should see a screen like one above (if not, get help).  Click #3,  "Dr. Julie Geberding:  Personal Hygiene".   Read the Text: "One very important thing is people should use good _____  _____  and that really means ..."

Restated:  Click the link above ... which opens up "Avian Flu Prevention" ... Click #3 -- read what did the CDC says about prevention.




 "People should use good ________  ______ "  -- Fill in the missing words.  Careful with your spelling!   Check your answer with the Test Button.


Technology Only:  15 points.  Search the web for these answers, if you need to:

Answer these questions:

1.  How does Technology Optimize Performance?

2.  The hyper-expanded Bell Curve is based on the Taguchi "Loss Function".   As the curve becomes narrower and taller,  performance is increased  -- What does this mean? 





Click #3   "Dr. Julie Geberding:  Personal Hygiene".   There are two ways to play the video here.  One is to access the video, wait while it loads, and when it finishes loading it plays;  the 2nd is to play it while it is loading (called 'streaming'). 

Click the bottom video, the Streaming Video.   Note the sentence:  "Play or Pause this video with the ______ button "  --  What is the missing word?   Fill in the blank.

 What button pauses / plays the video?   One word.   Check it with the Test Button.

Technology / Extra Credit:  15 points. 

I need to talk to you very seriously here.  The subject is the we have to do "Extreme Learning"  to be competitive in the Web-based Global Economy.  I, we, have to crank up our teaching techniques several notches,  and transmit learning  in the highest bandwidth!   "Rich Media" must be employed!  Podcasts, Cybercafes, wireless web access must the part of your daily life!  Everything has to go up several notches, asap.  So I am deploying video here and supporting the "wireless campus", and the day when students learn from iPods and other devices, in a continuous learning setting, using "multi-user collaborative role-playing" simulation games such as the "Island of Economia"  among others.   What is the name of the country whose students were the first to operate this simulation game -- Island of Economia?   And what awards has it won?  How effective is learning by simulation?  What did you discover from this?    Answer below.



  Click #4 -- Sen.  Obama's Podcast

Which brings up this screen --

Listen and Read:   In Oct. 2005, at the time of the podcast,  according to the information presented,  for what percent of the population were anti-viral drugs like Tamiflu available?



    Answer in the form of a  number (5, 15, 20).   Don't type % sign.

Technology:  15 points.

Re the scrolling text accompanying the podcast -- note that, by using the speed control, the speed of the scrolling text could be synchronized to Sen. Obama's words.   How could this be used on  campus?  2nd,  what languages were the program to play the podcast, and control the scrolling text written in?




Nov 05  Hand Hygiene  Fact Sheet  Hand Hygiene Guidelines Fact Sheet

 Click #5 -- Hand Hygiene Guidelines Fact Sheet

Then select select Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet.  

 Fill in the blank in the statement:  "Improved Adherence to hand hygiene (i.e., hand washing or use of ______  hand rubs) has been shown to terminate outbreaks in health care facilities ..."



  Type the word(s) exactly as you see them.  Check result with "test" button.


Technology Only:  15 points.

 <a href="http://www.cdc.gov/od/oc/media/pressrel/fs021025.htm">
<font color="#000000">
<img border="2" src="jpg-cdc-ooc.jpg" width="266" height="57"></font></a>

This is the "Anchor" command (a href) that shows the image (jpg) file (jpg-cdc-ooc.jpg) and links it when clicked! Looking up the "<a href =" command, tell me as much as you can about it!




5a  In what section is there an article that states that H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) kills viruses?  
  Enter the Section No -- 1, 2, 3, or 4.   Check result with "test" button.  

15 points.

Please navigate the links in these sections,  picking up as much information as you can:  Return as many times as you like!

In what section,  what article taught you the most about Avian Flu Prevention for you and your family?




Each question has (2) types of answers:  ("a") KEYWORD and  ("b,c") SHORT PARAGRAPHS.  The max for the 5 KEYWORD questions @ 15 points each is 75 points (verified immediately). The SHORT PARAGRAPH answers, also 15 each, will be verified later.  If you are confident that you answered the SHORT answers correctly, award yourself 15 points for each to a max of 75, for a grand total of 150 points. (I will verify your answers and your self-grading).  Submit your points using the Attendance/Participation Form -- http://auciello.tripod.com/deform7830.html  (keep retaking this quiz until you reach the max.) 

This type of lesson was developed to help you learn quickly, visually, and interactively, and I hope that you learned successfully from it!   email me  Joseph@Auciello.net   Be well.  Prof. A. Out.


(c) Copyrighted by Prof. Joseph  Auciello, 2003 - 2006, Joseph Auciello, and California Technical Training.  For more information on this project,  contact  ProfAuciello@auciello.net