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 California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Mathematics Section




The California High School Exit Exam -- "CAHSEE".   The  Mathematics Section contains 80 multiple choice questions,  and the "Measurement and Geometry" (MG) Strand (subsection) has 17 questions.  Of the 17 questions, less than 50% are on "Measurement", but  the approach of this lesson-quiz is to "hard-calculate" the answer, rather than the less rigorous approach of "approximating" the answer based on 4 choices.  The instructors writing this lesson want students to be able to apply calculation techniques to solve the problem -- thus strengthening your math ability!

This lesson conforms to the 7MG1.1 Standards of Comparing  weights, capacities, geometric measures, times, and temperatures within and between measurement systems. (e.g., miles per hour to kilometers per hour to  feet per second,  and  cubic inches to cubic centimeters).

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WPM               (Pressing "Burst"  speeds up reading rate!)


You are traveling North from LA to San Francisco which is 150 miles.  Mileage is  given in miles (mi) and  Kilometers (km).   How many km?   You may use the calculator below.   
Miles <---> Kilometers Converter

        (4 dec precision)
   Enter amount to be converted in appropriate box.  Click  "Compute".

 If your answer has decimals, ignore them for now.  How to "round-off" taught later.


Answer:   Type answer in the form of  nnn,   3 integers only.  No decimal point.  No numbers to the right of the decimal point.   Check your answer with the Test Button.


10 Points.  There are many ways to convert miles to km, such as hand calculator, pen-paper multiplication, using the Windows Calculator shown here.  Type 150 in the bar, press the "*" (multiply sign - circled in red), then 1.609, and press the <Enter> key.     

        Or on paper:      150 
                      x 1.609

       You could also use Excel by typing
        =150*1.609  into a cell.

  Or any other number conversion programs found on the web, with Google, by typing "number conversion"

1. It is important to develop a "number sense",  a sense of proportion.  Km are a bit more that 1.5 times Miles.  So do a "range check" when calculating.

Calculate 150 * 1.609 a 2nd way to verify your answer. How did you do it?  Write a short answer below.




 In the paragraph beginning xx "The bird flu virus, to date, is still not easily  transmitted to humans. There have been lots of dead birds on three continents, but so far fewer than ____ reported human deaths.

 This number has been updated; as of Mar 21, 2006, according to the World Health Organization ... Type in the updated number Check it with the Test Button.


 First Paragraph ....Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt recommended that Americans start storing canned tuna and powdered ____ ...

 Fill in the blank.Check it with the Test Button.

According to a mathematical projection by Federal Scientists, based on an initial  outbreak on an East Coast chicken farm in which humans are affected, how many months, without a vaccine, would it take to infect nearly half of the US Population?  
  _____  months.   Enter a digit.  Check result with "test" button.  

Anti-Viral Treatment of Bird Flu successful!  2 steps:   

1. Click  to find the name of the drug that cured a patient (5th paragraph).  

2.  Key that name into Google to find the trade name for that drug.   

  Enter trade or brand name for the anti-viral drug.   Check result with "test" button.  

There are 5 Keyword answers, and 1 Short Answer.  The max for the 5 KEYWORD answers @ 20 points each is 100 points (graded immediately).  I will verify your Short Answer later.  Award yourself 50 points if you answered at least (2) questions above.   Submit your points, to a max of 150,  using the Attendance/Participation Form --  (keep retaking this quiz until you reach the max.) 

This type of lesson was developed to help you learn quickly, visually, and interactively, and I hope that you learned successfully from it!   email me or comment above.   Be well. Work smart.  Prof. A. Out.


(c) Copyrighted by Prof. Joseph  Auciello, 2003 - 2006, Joseph Auciello, and California Technical Training.  For more information on this project,  contact  file:///C:/spring06/

Virtual-Interactive-Visual Applications (VIVA) Lesson by Prof. Joseph Auciello & California Technical Training. (c) Copyright, 2003 - 06.