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 Ready or Not, Bird Flu Is Coming to America - Brian Ross ABC News.



The California High School Exit Exam -- "CAHSEE".   The  Mathematics Section contains 80 multiple choice questions,  and the "Measurement and Geometry" (MG) Strand (subsection) has 17 questions.  Of the 17 questions, less than 50% are on "Measurement", but  the approach of this lesson-quiz is to "hard-calculate" the answer, rather than the less rigorous approach of "approximating" the answer based on 4 choices.  The instructors writing this lesson want students to be able to apply calculation techniques to solve the problem -- thus strengthening your math ability!

This lesson conforms to the 7MG1.1 Standards of "Comparing  weights, capacities,  geometric measures, times, and temperatures within and between measurement systems

(e.g., miles per hour to kilometers per hour to  feet per second,  and  cubic inches to cubic



Ready or not, here it comes:  It is being spread much faster than first predicted from one wild flock of birds to another, an airborne delivery system that no government can stop.

"There's no way you can protect the United States by building a big cage around it and preventing wild birds from flying in and out," U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Michael Johanns said.

U.S. spy satellites are tracking the infected flocks, which started in Asia and are now heading north to Siberia and Alaska where they will soon mingle with flocks from the North American flyways.

"What we're watching in real time is evolution," said Laurie Garrett, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. "And it's a biological process, and it is, by definition, unpredictable."

Industry Precautions

America's poultry farms could become ground zero as infected flocks fly over. The industry says it is prepared for quick action.

"All the birds involved in it would be destroyed, and the area would be isolated and quarantined," said Richard Lobb of the National Chicken Council. "It would very much [look] like a sort of military operation if it came to that."

Extraordinary precautions are already being taken at the huge chicken farms in Lancaster County, Pa., the site of the last great outbreak of a similar bird flu 20 years ago.

Other than the farmers, everyone there has to dress as if it were a visit to a hospital operating room.

"Back in 1983-1984, we had to kill 17 million birds at a cost of $60 million," said Dr. Sherrill Davison, a veterinary medicine expert at the University of Pennsylvania.

Can It Be Stopped?

Even on a model farm, ABC News saw a pond just outside the protected barns attracting wild geese

It is the droppings of infected waterfowl that carry the virus.

The bird flu virus, to date, is still not easily transmitted to humans. There have been lots of dead birds on three continents, but so far fewer than 100 reported human deaths. [103 as of Mar. 21]

But should that change, the spread could be rapid.

ABC News has obtained a mathematical projection prepared by federal scientists based on an initial outbreak on an East Coast chicken farm in which humans are infected. Within three months, with no vaccine, almost half of the country would have the flu.

That, of course, is a worst-case scenario one that Lobb says the poultry industry is determined to prevent with an aggressive strategy to contain and destroy infected flocks and deny the virus the opportunity to mutate to a more dangerous form but one that experts say cannot be completely discounted.

The current bird flu strain has been around for at least 10 years and has taken surprising twists and turns not the least of which is that it's now showing up in cats in Europe, where officials are advising owners to bring their cats inside. It's advice that might soon have to be considered here.

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Read the scrolling text above.  You are traveling south from Tucson to Nogales, Mexico; highways signs are "signed metric" -- distance is measured in Kilometers (km).  The closest gas station is    km.  How many miles is that?   2 decimal place answer, rounded up.  (100km =   from How is the US tracking the infected flocks as they started in Asia and are now migrating to Alaska?   With what space age device?


 Two word answer.  Careful with your spelling!   Check your answer with the Test Button.


 In the paragraph beginning:  "The bird flu virus, to date, is still not easily  transmitted to humans. There have been lots of dead birds on three continents, but so far fewer than ____ reported human deaths.

 This number has been updated; as of Mar 21, 2006, according to the World Health Organization ... Type in the updated number Check it with the Test Button.


 First Paragraph ....Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt recommended that Americans start storing canned tuna and powdered ____ ...

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According to a mathematical projection by Federal Scientists, based on an initial  outbreak on an East Coast chicken farm in which humans are affected, how many months, without a vaccine, would it take to infect nearly half of the US Population?  
  _____  months.   Enter a digit.  Check result with "test" button.  

Anti-Viral Treatment of Bird Flu successful!  2 steps:   

1. Click  to find the name of the drug that cured a patient (5th paragraph).  

2.  Key that name into Google to find the trade name for that drug.   

  Enter trade or brand name for the anti-viral drug.   Check result with "test" button.  


Comments:  50 points if you answer at least (2) questions.

1. What is your opinion (important to "think for yourself", not just accept information without analyzing it, using both your logic and intuition) of this News Report?   How serious do you take it?  What plans will you make accordingly if you take it seriously?

2. What is your opinion of the "Reading Speed-Controlled Vertical Text"?   Can you suggest any improvements?

3. I am developing new ways of presenting information and learning using High Tech tools:  innovating in using Visuals, Interaction, and Virtual links to make learning more effective and enjoyable (as learning should be!).   I believe in "Continuous Quality Improvement and Innovation"  (CQII), so any comments / suggestions / critique / improvements are very welcome!

4.  How does Technology Optimize Performance?

5.  What do you think about the content and the form (format) it was delivered in? 

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There are 5 Keyword answers, and 1 Short Answer.  The max for the 5 KEYWORD answers @ 20 points each is 100 points (graded immediately).  I will verify your Short Answer later.  Award yourself 50 points if you answered at least (2) questions above.   Submit your points, to a max of 150,  using the Attendance/Participation Form --  (keep retaking this quiz until you reach the max.) 

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