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This form is intended to be "user-friendly" -- The purpose of it is to facilitate recording attendance and posting the projects completed.  You must use this form at least once every class day to -- at a minimum.   Also give yourself 25 pts for using the 701 Master Helpline (also called Master Help File -- 701mashlp.htm -- 25mashel) and 25 pts every time you work as part of a team on a project (25pn) (pn = project name, e.g. 25MAP) where all team members can submit up to 25 points per project to a max of 16 projects (400 points). Also if you Assist someone, submit 25A point to a Max of 200.  What gives these points credence is the work that you submit.  All this talk about Teamwork and Assist means nothing without Work being done!

Keep track of your Current  Total and add your New Points, and enter the sum in the New Total Box.   Click  deform7830.html.txt  to look up your points,  When you enter New Points, use the Project Short Name and its points, such as 300-GLOSS ( 300 pts for  the Glossary Project) and (701-map) as completed. ... AGAIN -- YOU MUST GIVE THE REASON YOU ARE ENTERING POINTS BY TYPING IN ABBREVIATIONS SUCH AS -- 25JA (for helping me), OR 25T (for attendance), OR 100FONTS (completing, printing out, and placing the "FONTS" Project in your ViewBinder).  Contact me if you do not understand what I am saying or retake the Introductory Quiz --   

At this point, you are stating that you have completed the specific projects that  you must sign and put in your project notebook that will be reviewed during the last week of the course.  Further, the 701 Start Disk quizzes, when you have completed a set of lessons, must be attached as a file called A:\log.dbf, and emailed to me.  You are also judged on the quality of your notebook that is expected to be "Presentation Quality", with index tabs, sheet protectors, projects done in color (where possible) -- this is your "portfolio" that you build and keep that documents your work in this course,  (When you come in, ask to see the notebook-model that I have on display.).  This is about Quality, Technology, and learning to work in a High-Performance Workplace.

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