Technology Peaks Performance! ...... Emphasizing use of HTML and JavaScript to create optimal email letterheads with this marquee feature,  Dark Navy Trebuchet 9 point font on Ivory background, table formatted, embedding images, logos, music, audio, even video, all in a form easily printed ...  An application of 'Rich Media' to optimize email communication ....  Class project.  More information, contact  me,  Joseph@Auciello.Net.   Out .....








This course examines the power of using the internet as a presentation tool and includes internet history, simple document conversion for the world wide web, use of FrontPage, PowerPoint and Producer. Student will prepare presentations for the Internet by assembling ready-made digital audio, video, and images.

Enroll for Fall 2007

  • Create dynamic, "rich media" webpages

  • Upload Application Programs -- Excel, PowerPoint to web

  • Create pages with Streaming Video (mp3, wmv, etc formats)

  • Add streaming podcast, audio, music files (mid, wav) to page

  • Synchronize video and audio files with your PowerPoint

CIS 035  Multimedia Presentations for the Internet  Sect #0162.  3 units,  Tues - Thur  7am - 9:10.  K302.  Prof. Joseph Auciello
(Prof A) (213) 763-7268

     For more information, please contact the Bus. Dept. Office,  K225, (213) 763 7252
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