CIS 035  Section 0162

Multi-Media Presentations for the Internet 

Course Syllabus  



 CIS 035 examines the power of using internet as a presentation tool and includes internet history, document conversion for world wide web, use of FrontPage, PowerPoint and Producer. Students prepare presentations for the Internet by assembling ready-made digital audio, video, and images.


Instructor           Joseph Auciello


Class Session     T Th 7 910 AM

Office Hours       T- Th   11:20- 12:20  / After class  K305 / K309, via email, or by appointment


Office Supports/Equipment needed needed:

memory stick (any size)


Hardware and Software Required:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (for work at home)


Course Objectives 

  1. To create high visual impact presentation quality webpages.
  2. To handle add-on objects flash modules,  embedded video, applets, javascript routines.
  3. To use form optimally colors, layout to enhance content



Weighted Grading


In class quizzes






Final Exam/ Course Project


Attendance/Class Participation






Required Textbooks 

  1. New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with HTML and Dynamic HTML - Comprehensive ISBN 13: 978-0-619-01969-3 2001 ISBN 10: 0-619-01969-7  
  2. Note that during the term I will also assign readings from online resources. You will be given the appropriate URLs during class and these will be posted on the class web site.


NOTE: This syllabus will change: Please use the class web site for the latest schedule.


Week Topic Activities Homework

Week 1


 1: Developing a Basic Web Page

The W3 Consortium and Other Sites

Variations on Bulleted Lists

Variations on Horizontal Lines

Extended Character Sets

HW is to include revising / finishing all class project started.

Reading is 1 Chapter per week

Week 2


 2: Adding Hypertext Links to a Web Page

Using FTP


Accessing Gophers

File Names and Case


Week 3


 3: Designing a Web Page
Working with Fonts, Colors, and Graphics

Graphics Packages

Dithering and the Safety Palette

Image Maps

Using Transparent GIFs

Another Use of the <alt> Attribute


Week 4


 4: Designing a Web Page with Tables
Creating a News Page 

Binding a Table to a Data Source


Week 5


 5: Using Frames in a Web Site
Using Frames to Display Multiple Web Pages 

Using the <base> Element

The <iframe> Element


Week 6


 6: Creating Web Page Forms
Designing a Product Registration Form 

Form Editors

Learning about CGI


Week 7


7: Working with Cascading Style Sheets

Web Fonts

Netscape's Background Blues

The Resizing Bug

Controlling Printing with CSS2


Week 8


 8: Programming with JavaScript
Creating a Programmable Web Page 

JavaScript Resources on the Web

Interrupting Loops


Week 9


 9: Working with JavaScript Objects and Events
Enhancing your Forms with JavaScript

Creating a Web Clock

Opening Windows

Working with the Status Bar

Displaying the Date Last Modified

Creating an Object

Checking String Length

Object Classes and Instances


Week 10


 10: Creating a Multimedia Web Page

Enhancing a Page with Sound, Video, and Java Applets

Using MIDI Files



Week 11



 1: Creating an XML Document

Developing an XML Document for the Jazz Warehouse

Cascading Style Sheets

White Space and how it is treated in XML


Week 12


 2:  Creating a Valid XML Document

Working with a Document Type Definition

How to use XML Spy to generate a DTD file from a XML document


Week 13 

XML  5: Working with Cascading Style Sheets

Power Your XML Documents with CSS

Working with XML and CSS in XML Spy

Netscape Support for XML and CSS

Using Inline Styles with XML

Style Sheet Media

Alternate Style Sheets


Week 14 


Introduction / Overview

Demo Basic Form


Week 15 

 Powerpoint / Producer

Adding music, sound video objects



Week 16


Final Exam







Class Projects and Policies: 

1)       1)      Homework Policy:  Unless otherwise noted, homework is due in the class following the assignment.  Homework should be printed and legible.  Homework on disk will not be accepted. 

 2)      Team Project Policy:  Team projects should be submitted both in hard and soft copy.  Soft copy should be sent by e-mail only.  Team project pieces are due as assigned. 

3)       3)      Exam Makeup Policy:  For extenuating circumstances. 

4)       4)      Return of Final Exam and Team Projects, Students need to e-mail their project if they wish to have their project returned to them with comment.  The LATTC office will no longer hold final exams for pickup.  Team projects can be returned to one team member by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope