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Week 05 Project

Week 05:  Review assignment, with emphasis on modifying downloaded .ppt file, saving it as .html,  then uploading using FTP (see ftp-help.doc).

Week 04:  Goal:   Download this PowerPoint file.  ...  Make several modifications,  upload to site,  verify, print out,  put in Project Book (record points).

Week 03:  Goal:  insert a video file into PowerPoint, save it as .html,  run and test it.  improve it.

Action Items:  get Photo Editor,  ftp / upload procedure, embed a video file.  Please find an  mpg  or  avi file  produced by the Center for Disease Control with Director Dr.  Geberding.  Insert it into 2 slide.   Explore ways of getting videos into Powerpoint.

  Week 5: Cover  Using Frames in a Web Site .. Using Frames to Display Multiple Web Pages Using the <base> Element .. The <iframe> Element

  Week 4:  Designing a Web Page with Tables.  Creating a News Page Binding a Table to a Data Source
Reading:  Read lessons on Course Technology's site:








Needing two videos for a PPT presentation,  I used Netscape Browser to save  video posted at to disk.



Got 2 videos (gerberding2.wmv and gerberding3.wmv) to hard drive.






Action Items: