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Joseph Auciello

Department of Computer Information Systems.


  CO INFO 701 - Introduction to Computers and their Uses

Section # 0124 - Summer 2003
Section # 0160 - Fall 2003
Section # 0151 - Winter 2004






Instructor Contact Information:

Course Description: 

Introduction to computer applications:  Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Internet Browsers,  Web Pages, and graphics, taught Visual-Virtual-Interactively (V-V-I) in  a Virtual-Learning Community, Empowered, Critical-thinking, Problem-Solving environment.

Textbook:  Purchase  "CIS 701 Workbook" with CD  by Prof. Auciello  at campus bookstore.   Talk / meet with Professor  during 1st weeks of course to verify  Internet skills.  Contact instructor by email  for time and location options.

Password: Please complete the Welcome Form for CO INFO 701 after officially enrolling in the course.  You can also use this form to contact the instructor for additional information by using the Comments section at the bottom.  You must complete the Welcome Form to get the id/password sent to you. 

Registration Help:  If you need help either enrolling in the campus or registering for the class, click on the LATTC On-Line Program logo.


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