Technology Peaks Performance! ...... Emphasizing use of HTML and JavaScript to create optimal email letterheads with this marquee feature,  Dark Navy Trebuchet 9 point font on Ivory background, table formatted, embedding images, logos, music, audio, even video, all in a form easily printed ...  An application of 'Rich Media' to optimize email communication ....  Class project.  More information, contact  me,  Joseph@Auciello.Net.   Out .....




click Insert - Web Component - Marquee -- Enter Text and add Style.
  Create it using 14 Blue Trebuchet Font, on Ivory Background.

Expands CIS 035 Project by using HTML:


       <td style="font-size: 13px; font-family: Verdana"

             borderColor="#f0f0f0" width="685" bgColor="#fffff0" colSpan="2" height="9">

            <font size="4" color="#000040"><b>

           <marquee bgcolor="#FFFFF0" style="font-size: 14pt; color: #000080">

                         &nbsp; Create it using 14 Blue Trebuchet Font, on Ivory Background.      






HW:  Download this into FP (or create new file) and modify borders,  marquee, font and background colors.  See me if you need help. Print out,  put in Project Notebook (portfolio)  100proj01  points.