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Week 03 Project

1.   Continue building and posting webpage example (shown below)

2.  Required topics: Basic Tags. Basic HTML Tags What Goes into the Head? Break Tags Headings


Action Items:  get Photo Editor,  ftp / upload procedure.  Download Paul Meyers "HTML Web Classroom"  (see permission following:)

1. You are authorized to download one copy of the material on this Web Site on one computer for your personal, non-commercial use only.


Objective:  upload an html file, like below, to a website, with the same characteristics as the example below.

Show the html code for the web page.








      800-LISTING.COM -- your real estate agent


  (insert row - split row into 2 columns)
    2nd column (cell properties - vertical alignment)


         Buy  your home from us --


  -- and have $1000 donated to school of your choice!


 (google - images - save target as jpg-home.jpg on hard drive - insert picture -- jpg-home.jpg -- into left column

     contact:   Harvey Keck --
 (show students how to use "mailto:" command.)

(borders - image - text - mailto -- upload to website.)   100proj03 points

extra picture -- loaded from paint -- after doing graphic editing.



  coming up:  adding buttons,  podcasts,  video ..