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Week 04 Project


Week04:  Important to create webpage in format below, modify it,  and  upload it to the web.

Week03:  1.   Continue building and posting webpage examples (shown below)

2.  Required topics: Basic Tags. Basic HTML Tags What Goes into the Head? Break Tags Headings

4.  Text Alignment, and Lists ..  Text Alignment Options .. Default Alignment Center Nesting Tags
Lists  Blockquote


Action Items:  get Photo Editor,  ftp / upload procedure.  Download Paul Meyers "HTML Web Classroom"  (see permission following:)

1. You are authorized to download one copy of the material on this Web Site on one computer for your personal, non-commercial use only.


Objective:  upload an html file, like below, to a website, with the same characteristics as the example below.

Show the html code for the web page.






      800-LISTING.COM -- your real estate agent


  (insert row - split row into 2 columns)
    2nd column (cell properties - vertical alignment)


         Buy  your home from us --


  -- and have $1000 donated to school of your choice!


 (google - images - save target as jpg-home.jpg on hard drive - insert picture -- jpg-home.jpg -- into left column

     contact:   Harvey Keck --
 (show students how to use "mailto:" command.)

(borders - image - text - mailto -- upload to website.)   100proj03 points

extra picture -- loaded from paint -- after doing graphic editing.



  coming up:  adding buttons,  podcasts,  video ..