I always have fun at the mall!
I like sitting at the beach and writing short stories And 'kicking back is fun too!

Sometimes when I am at the beach, A thought comes to mind and I write it down. One day, Not to far in the past a thought came to mind. I wrote this:

One Summer

It was a hot summer day and all of the children were outside playing. About an hour later some of the parents noticed that some of the children were missing. A couple of parents went around the neighborhood looking for the children but they could not find them. The old lady that lived in a mobile home at the end of the block said"the children are gone and they will never return". Some of the parents thought that the old lady was crazy, but not all of them believed she was crazy. The old lady told the parents about the curse, she went on to say: about 100 years ago wage Mc Clare was burned at the stake for being a witch. Before her death she said"'I curse all of your children descendents to rain with me end the after life. This will take place 100 years from this date"'. The old lady said today is the day that the curse takes place. If you are intrigue with this story e-mail me at no-one-2@tripod.com to find out the ending. _