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To: Stanley Jacobson

From: Joseph Auciello

Date: Mar.22.2005

Re: Proposal to teach Online Mid-semester course

Greetings, Stanley. I work with several HS counselors, and I have built-up a waiting list of 15-20 students requesting a Computer Overview, or Intro Applications, or combination course like CIS 700, 710, CSIT 101, respectively that would start mid-semester.  These courses can satisfy HS requirements, and, along with its timing, makes it attractive to HS students. 

I propose that if I can teach this course at COC,  if  COC has such a course in its curriculum,  and if they will open it up at 20 students, then I would work hard to make this a success, and create links for more courses to follow!  

I feel a personal obligation to students who find me on the web, and ask to enroll in my courses.  The next time that I can enroll students is Summer I because of scheduling constraints.   It would be so helpful to offer Online CIS courses, as a short-term courses ending at the semester.  There is a large population of bright, techno-empowered students who have the software, commware (DSL/Cable), and XP systems to run this course effectively!   I also provide CDs, quizzes on floppy disks transferable to Flash Drives, course workbook ($11) and a list of Online Quizzes, shown below.  

The sooner that I get an answer, the better.   Be well.  Your colleague, Joseph Auciello.  Prof. "A".  Out.

Sample Flyer:


Office Tel.          Email                  Online Classroom   
(213) 763.7268

The best way to contact me is at Joseph@Auciello.Net:  I check email every day.   .... Feel free to browse my Online Classroom Site -- Learn all that you can!   This email form uses Principles of Visual Commmunication, CQII, and Technology Optimizing Performance.   If you are a student and want to earn 50 extra credit points, email me with an explanation of CQII ....   Prof. A.  Out.  .....


CSIT 101 - Intro. Computers & Their Uses - OnLine Course - Computer competencies, Software, I/O, Disk / Flash Storage, Connectivity, Intro to Internet, Creating a Database, Privacy & Security, Ergonomics, Environment, Systems Analysis, Programming Languages (Intro Javascript), I.T. applications, Buying a computer.  Meets Computer Literacy Req, 4 units, CSU / UC transferrable.

  When? On-Line all the time.  Instructor available: Franklin - #19 on the following dates from 4-6 pm: Wed.Feb.9 (required orientation), Wed.Mar.16 (optional), and Wed during finals week (required).  Other time by appointment -- .  
  How? Students complete enroll form -- -- Assignments emailed to students, and posted at  Online Index 101 -- -- Students read textbook, access web, take Online Quizzes, and email completed projects and build portfolio (notebook) shown at end of course.  
  Where? The Online Classroom is at -- The Instructor will schedule  Office Hours in Franklin 19 as necessary.  
  Who? Prof. "A" teaches online classes in Web Design, Microsoft Applications, etc, is a  "Microsoft Innovative Teacher", co-developer of Online Stock Trading software.  
  Text? "Windows, Desktop and Web Applications" Workbook by Instructor. (can be downloaded free)  
  Grades? Earn points by taking online tests.  Up to 10,000 possible.  3500=A, 3000=B, 2500=C   Work verified by exam and in person.  
  Links? Online Classroom:

Class Assignments 


  Contact?   email  mailto:Joseph@Auciello (fastest way)  Phone (213) 763.7268  

Sample list of Online Projects / Quizzes:



(check this list frequently for new information.)


Note:  The curriculum for CSIT 101 includes, but is not limited to,  (1) computer concepts, (2) computer system components, (3) Windows (XP) and (4) DOS, and (5) introduction to programming concepts (JavaScript).  There are over 150 lessons on this website on Applications Software, JavaScript/HTML, Java programming,  and related concepts like Visual Communication, High Performance Workplace, and Total Quality Management.  You are free to use areas "outside the envelope" of this course for enrichment and submit them for "extra credit."   It will be my decision whether to award points for such work, based on the amount of work that you do, and your knowledge level in the required areas.  If you can learn more by my material, feel free to do so -- this is the way that it is supposed to be!

You may study with other students, in fact, it is encouraged and consistent with our "Electronic Learning Community."  Empowering ourselves and others is our goal!  But you  must submit your work yourself, with your signature on each project submitted as part of your portfolio.  Assignments that you download, complete, and sign are will be placed in a Viewbinder that becomes, after grading, yours to keep.  (I will show you a sample.) 

My philosophy is to 'empower' you, to "teach you to how to learn", crossing boundaries, reaching the heights where your imagination and skills take you!   Combining creativity and hands-on skills will lead you to significant levels of  discovery and achievement!   Becoming "Technology Empowered", discovering for yourself, "Crossing the Digital Divide" and leaving you standing there self-confident, self-reliant, and successful is the goal of this course!   I would appreciate your comments on this:  email me


Name Graphic


Click or type in this address


required assignment to get you started.

13 Question  Quiz (Take this first!-- explains Attendance, Policies, etc)


10 Question Quiz on Windows


701 Start Disk

Old style, legacy-type quizzes that use and optimize reading, memory, comprehension skills in a "game" format.  Take them if you need them.

82 Page Document containing (23) Microcomputer + (23) Windows 98-DOS + (35) Windows Quizzes See (1) below.

6-question VIVA Quiz requires Keyword and Written Answers.



4-question VIVA Quiz requires Keyword and Written Answers.



10 item Short-Answer Quiz.



8 item Answer-Matching Quiz.



6 Question Intro Quiz


9-Item VIVA Quiz (Guided responses)


8-Item Multi-choice test

701mashel    Master Help File for Projects (Master Help Line)

25 points to read it through; 25 pts for each solution that you post, up to 10 solutions.


10 item VIVA (guided) test

10 item -Multi-choice Test (intermediate)


10 item Multi-Choice Test (advanced)



7 items


19 Items -- TQM


17 Items - General


6 Items -- General


5 Items -- General

email.htm submit your email address


Don't let this long list overwhelm you.  It is meant to be thorough to give you lots of interactive quizzes to help you learn.  It will get longer.  Pick away, Hack away at it.  Come back as many times as you need to:  No penalty in submitting your scores many times, in fact, it shows your winning  'attitude' towards passing!   Show me what you can do!  JA. Out.


(1) This ( ) is a printout of the questions on the "701 Start Disk" which I will get to you ASAP.   The quizzes are also on the Start Disk.   Download  this printout, and start "answer matching" the questions.   These same questions are presented by the Start Disk that runs and automatically recrods scores. Show me that you know "how to learn". Show me that you can figure out things by reading the Help files.  For an "A", you must have, of course, over 3500 points, in a Project Notebook (Portfolio)!   I  care about your learning! Be well! JA. Out.


Be well.  JA.  Out.