From the of Joseph Auciello

 To SDCCD Learning Center Director, Mark Cuellar:  


 Dear Mark,  Here is a list of the services provided and compensation:



Training of Teachers in use of software;  licensed access to Math Prep Software; training of Teaching Assistants;  monitoring of project;  shared supervision; training staff to access student records;   real-time reporting of results;   status reports..



$150 per student license, good for up to 350 accesses (1) to program or until student passes CAHSEE Math Exam, extensible up to 2 years.   $25 per hour per Lab Assistant. plus expenses, 2 per classroom;   Training of  Individual Instructor at their facility, using equipment,  3 hours each @ $100.   1/3 licensing fee paid to begin project; followed by a 2nd 1/3 paid after 2nd week; with the final 1/3 paid at the end of the course; funds paid in 5 business days.  Presentation to Director and conferencing,  minimum 4 hours @ $100 plus expenses.


(1) Documentation shows that 350 accesses to program are sufficient to attain passing scores.  "Accesses" means taking individual lessons / quizzes. (a list is shown on another document.)


(2)  Two Lab Assistants required per class (of 25).


Mark, our goal is to work with you closely to achieve an extremely successful project.


 (805) 577-98xx (land)                 (805) 433-47xx (cell)                   (480)275-3235 (fax)