Stan Jacobson
Currently, Stan is doing the administration of CTT/J-MAC projects, and studying Adanced Manfucturing Technology at CSLA where he is a design consultant for NASA/JPL.

Stanley brings to us from NY a background of business ownership, tax consulting, and advanced work in Industrial Engineering/Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Accounting, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Medical Robotics.>/p>

Stanley does many things at a World Class performance level: He is the Current CTT/J-MAC adminstrator. He has experience in CAD/CAM, Hardware Installation/Electronics, Technical Writing, SPC, and as a Science Mentor at his temple.

With his creative imagination, business-strategy planning, quiet competent workmanship, and his unbridled religion-based faith in technology, and a better future, Stanley adds immense value to the consortium, as he causes us to reconfigure, extend, and improve ourselves spiritually, financially, and technically.

Stanley's Current Techical Writings Include:

An Introduction to Statistical Process Control

Digital Video Devices -- Information Age Read/Write Video Media for Computers"