<HTML> This is the listing for 700-fonts in html. 100 Points for commenting each line. Include tables (<td>, <tr>), font styles, colors, sizes, Define each html symbol, explain color codes "ff00ff" Show me what you know. Save this document to a word processor as a text file and make all your annotations in CAPS. <HEAD> <h2><PRE>CIS 700 700-FONTS LATTC PROF. AUCIELLO</PRE> </H1> </HEAD> <HEAD> <h2><PRE>CIS 700 700-FONTS LATTC PROF. AUCIELLO</PRE> </H1> </HEAD> <BODY LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080" BACKGROUND="Image505.jpg"> </B></FONT><FONT SIZE=2><P>&nbsp;</P> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Univers"><P>CREATE 10 FONTS IN DIFFERENT FONTS, SIZES, COLORS.</P> <P>SELECT YOUR CHOICE FOR BUSINESS FONT.</P> <P>SELECT YOUR CHOICE FOR PERSONAL FONT.</P> <P>CREATING TABLES.</P> </B></FONT><FONT SIZE=2><P ALIGN="CENTER">&nbsp;</P></FONT> <BR> CREATE A TABLE WITH 10 FONTS. YOUR DOCUMENT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS: <BR> <h3><pre> 700-FONT YVETTE GIDEON </pre></h3> <BR> <TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=4 BORDERCOLOR="#000000" CELLPADDING=7 WIDTH=590> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <P><B><FONT SIZE=2>TIMES NEW ROMAN 10</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Letter Gothic" SIZE=7><P>LETTER GOTHIC 25</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Lucida Console" SIZE=4 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>LUCINDA 14 RED </B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><I><FONT FACE="Courier" COLOR="#0000ff"><P>COURIER 12 BLUE ITALIC</B></I></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=4 COLOR="#00ff00"><P>Tahoma 14</FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Antique Olive" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff00ff"><P>ANTIQUE OLIVE</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <I><FONT FACE="Marigold" SIZE=4 COLOR="#008080"><P>MARIGOLD</I></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS" COLOR="#0000ff"><P>COMIC SAN MS</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <FONT FACE="Albertus Extra Bold" SIZE=2 COLOR="#808000"><P>ALBERTUS EXTRA BOLD</FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Garamond" SIZE=4 COLOR="#800000"><P>BUSINESS: GARAMOND</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><I><FONT FACE="Univers" SIZE=2 COLOR="#008000"><P>PERSONAL: UNIVERSAL</B></I></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>ARIAL</B></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <br> <BR><pre> Complete these statements: The font that I select for my personal business fonts is: ____________________________. <br> The font that I select for my personal favorite is: ________________. </pre> <br> Note that in HTML you can "style" every Character: <br> <B><FONT FACE="Letter Gothic"><P>CIS 700</B> &#9;&#9; </FONT><U><FONT FACE="Impact" SIZE=6 COLOR="#ff0000">7</U></FONT><FONT FACE="Bookman Old Style" SIZE=4 COLOR="#00ff00">0</FONT><I><FONT FACE="Symbol" SIZE=6 COLOR="#808080">0</FONT><FONT FACE="Symbol" SIZE=5 COLOR="#c0c0c0"> </I></FONT><FONT FACE="Letter Gothic" SIZE=5>-</FONT><FONT FACE="Letter Gothic"> </FONT><FONT FACE="Lucida Console" SIZE=6>F</FONT><FONT FACE="Marigold">O</FONT><I><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=5 COLOR="#0000ff">N </I></FONT><FONT FACE="Impact" SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff00ff">T</FONT><I><FONT FACE="Letter Gothic" SIZE=6 COLOR="#00ff00">S </I></FONT><B></P> <FONT SIZE=2><P>&nbsp;</P></FONT> <BR><br> <A HREF="700-fontsahtm.html"> source code + assignment <br><br> </body> </HTML>