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CIS 701 Quiz1a

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This goal of this lesson is that my students understand, but not necessarirly agree, with the concepts of Total Quality Management, Team-Problem Solving, Learning Commmunity, and the High-Tech, High Performance 21st Century Classroom. So you will be asked to show comprehension of points. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree, but that you respond with a thought-out response. Also, explain how this principle can be applied to your or someone else's personal life. This is where the culture can change. There is where the change starts, the 'paradigm shifts.' If you like, at the end of the lesson, -- when you know that you understand it -- say "Mr. A. -- I got this lesson, thank you -- and type your name.


TQM: "Doing the Right Thing, Right the First Time, All the Time; Always striving for Improvement & always satisfying the Customer." [DOD 1989] This is the definition of TQM: Write min of (3) sentences agreeing / disagreeing with some comment.


Q002: TQM Principle #1:

"ADD VALUE TO THE PROCESS: Every action by every employee should add value to the process or product in every way all the time. Enhance your work by your actions. " Explain this.

Write me some short answers, expressing your thoughts.

Q003: Principle #2:

DELIVER QUALITY ON TIME ALL THE TIME. Develop a pattern of delivering perfect products & services on time. Rate your sources by their ability to do this. Comment on above.

Q004: Principle #3:

BASE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS ON MUTUAL TRUST and confidence: Providers and Suppliers build trust and confidence through quality and deliverability. Customers build it by quick payment and clear lines of communication. Reliability, Forthrightness, and Honesty are the Basis of forming Business Relations. Comment / Explain.

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