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A Virtual- Interactive-Visual Application (VIVA) (c) Copyright, May 2003, Joseph Auciello, California Technical Training.

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Topics covered:  Information for ALL Students.

Fill out the Name, and email boxes (Section No. and Date are automatically generated).

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Attendance/Participation (A/P) Form:  I am using 18 pt font to tell you this:  No input on the A/P form, No Grade. The section numbers are:

CIS 701 (M-W 7-9)         0156   

CIS 757 (M-W 915-1120)  0171

CIS 701 (DIST ED)         0160 (lab hours reserved for this class Tue-Thu 7:30-9:00)

CIS 701 (T-Th 915-1120)  0157

If you can't find the right form for your section #  or use it correctly,  see me right away!

Contact Info:   I am in K302 Mon-Wed 7-11:30, Tue-Thu 7:30-11:30. Just come in and one of my TA's or I will help you. Ph:  213.763.7268. Office Hours before and after Classes, and 11:30-12:00 Mon-Thurs and anytime by email ProfA@Auciello.Net

For 100 points credit,  100-AGRAM2,  read and perform each of these points, then click the SUBMIT BUTTON below:

Point #1 --  You have read A-GRAM1.HTML. Go back and read it if you have to.

Point #2 --  Always Put  CIS in the Subject Line of any email that you send me.  If you think you know why, email me the answer for 10 EC points.

Point #3 -- When this class was not as High-Performing, it used to be more fun.  But now, with students taking this course before going to USC and other top Universities, with students who are working full time with heavy responsibilities,  I am concentrating on "Taking Care of Business".  Please, you also do the same.

Point #4 -- Some of you have inappropriate email addresses -- No Sex, Drugs, RocknRoll, or Bombs in your email addresses please.  Why do I want you to have a Business-like email address?  10-EC points.

Point #5 -- By now, I hope you know about the famous "701Smoothie" Project -- Creating and Operating a Virtual Business.   701 students will learn about Excel and e-commerce;  757 students will create a business home page.   Click  http://auciello.tripod.com/701virtual.xls to access it.

Point #6 -- There are projects worth 100s of points easily available -- Here is the first one --

Reading from http://auciello.tripod.com/GRADE.DOC

1.      Distance Educ (all classes) Rules http://auciello.tripod.com/derules.htm  (50-DERULES)

2.    Principles of Visual Communications  http://auciello.tripod.com/pvc.doc  (50-PVC)  Important to understand.

3.   Principles of Total Quality Management http://auciello.tripod.com/14tqm.html    Defines the Operating Environment for our Classroom and the Workplace.  Important.

4.  Introduction to Quality, Total Quality Management, and Statistical Process Control  http://auciello.tripod.com/itqtqmspc.doc  (50-itq)  Read it, Sign it. Put in Viewbinder.

5.  Continue using GRADE.DOC to find Assignments.  757 Students use http://auciello.tripod.com/grade757.doc

6.  Read the Scrolling Banner Messages -- They are written for you.

7.  You must sign in to the A/P at least twice (2) / week. Or at any time, you have more points to record.  They must accumulate. 10EC if you email me and say what that means.

8.  On Page2, take Required Quiz #1 (100-all-01) http://auciello.tripod.com/all-01.htm    If you don't know, just say so, I am looking for feedback here.

9. Also on Page 2, there are (5) 701 Quizzes [and (5) 757 Quizzes] -- 701Quiz 01, 701Quiz 01a, 701Quiz 02, 701Quiz 03, 701Quiz 04 -- They are worth 50 pts each, not 100.  It is very important to start taking these quizzes now.

10. And there is a new type of Lesson-Quiz -- Virtual-Interactive-Visual Application -- such as Excel Quiz 01 and 02,  Word Quiz 01 and 02.  These require absolute concentration and having the application open and running in another window to test each answer, and are very difficult to pass.   Tell me if you get an 80 or above.

I am closing AGRAM2 with saying, repeat after me, QUALITY, ACCESSIBILITY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY, Visual Communications, SCOREBOARD, and PERFORMANCE-BASED. 10EC points if you understand my meaning.   Be Well.  Prof. A. Out.


Prof A:  "I have read and I understand all 10 points, and I will continue to diligently work on them and the links that they refer to ..."  Indicate agreement by typing "YES" in the box.

 Type YES in the box, THEN PRESS the "Submit Data" button below  You must submit this form. Prof. A. out.

Developed and (c) Copyright 2003 by Joseph Auciello, California Technical Training. VIVA project.  For more information on this project,  contact   joseph@auciello.net