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 Email me anytime at and at (use both addresses for extra reliability)

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Topics covered:  Information for ALL Students.

Fill out the Name, and email boxes (Section No. and Date are automatically generated).

Section No  Last Name.. First Name  email name .      
  Revised -- sep.5, july.20, june 14, june 13, 2004, feb-13-2004

Starting week2.   Establishing a "digital presence" gives you an advantage in a business situation:   having a business card with your photo, cell#, address, email, and possibly homepage address speaks a lot about your seriousness!   Do you agree?

Thus, we will do it this week, and until we finish.  The format for a bus. Card  (2" x 3.5") is at

herlin, my erstwhile ta last year, developed an outstanding card -- here is a snapshot -- that works very well!  Http://

(herlin transferred to usc, still drops by.)

These cards are especially nice on glossy photo  paper which can usually be purchased at fry's electronics, 20 sheets for $2 -- great price!  Bring your own special paper.

Print out this document to study later.  Click the "submit button" at the bottom.  You must respond to every a-gram. -- in fact, the more that you respond, the more your name shows up on my website, and the better for you!

Skip the items below until you have time to read them.

Be sure that you have submitted  a-gram0.html.  Out.


(1) 213.763.7268 every day to see if there are any new recorded messages.  Also check the website for new a-grams. 

(2) Aaccess    -- read, study, respond to a-gram0 -- of course.


(4) Email with your:

Lastname, first


City, st, zip

Phone #1

Phone #2

Email address #1

Email address #2

(5) Enter the above in the atten/partic (a/p) form as 100email1  check that it was entered correctly. If not re-enter.  Keep count of your points.

(6) Submit this form (25a-gram1).  

(7) Find GRADE.DOC -- download it.  Let's talk about this very ambitious schedule!  Try to follow it, review it every day for projects that you can do / have learned to do.  You may skip around this list -- you do not have to follow it sequentially -- this is for the 'sequential learners' -- use it as a 'guideline / table of contents' to find projects and points!  Of course, print out your work, in a crisp, world-class presentation quality level, sign it, and put in your viewbinder. 

(8) the '701 start disk' (get it from me) contains 83 quizzes at 25 points each, so you can 'score' over 2000 points.  Runs on any IBM compatible system, any version of windows or dos. Does not require internet, so this is an "anytime, anywhere point builder."


(9) "we are just talking here ..."  this is my way of beginning a 'brainstorming dialogue' with you!   Frankly, i am concerned that the amount of instructor contact will be cut down -- i am only on campus every mon-tues morning -- and since i know that progress in learning is dependent on the magnitude of the communication bandwidth between instructor and student,  we both must do all that we can to communicate effectively, efficiently, vigilantly, and diligently!  For example, you must sign in every class day (mon-thurs), must keep a valid  email connection (keep your inbox clean),  must read all of   the a-grams.  In fact, read everything on my website.  Collect points by printing them out, signing them, putting them into the project viewbinder notebook (where indicated).

Get immersed.  Have this website and your mind mutually-"invade" each other!  There is so much to learn.  Back to my being "worried" -- if i can teach you how to think your way thru computer problems, then we both "win the game."   learning the techniques, the tricks, the tips on using the computer will go a long way toward giving you "information compentency"!  =  think critically and innovatively, how to find answers, develop a problem-solving and pro-active "attitude".  There are (3) ways to relate to computers and internet, i think.

9.1 -- Bbecome a "power user" and make it part of your financial and career life; "zen your computer."  this is the ultimate goal!  Empowerment with technology -- use technology to optimize performance! 

9.2 -- Use it as an "information appliance" turning it on for email and web research;

9.3 -- Turning it off which puts you out of touch with this information and automation century. Come in to k302, sometime, and talk w. Me, and i will talk w. You about ways to use the internet to for personal and professional optimization!


10. My first email address was and is  -- with the help and vision of my associates, we foresaw the power of the internet for communication.   Therefore, i take teaching and online activities very, very seriously.  Specifically, that means that in addition to class time,  i will communicate with you by email, and you will respond by reading and submitting the form, like this one, which builds a database of your performance, "puts points in the data bank" for you,  and, as part of the learning contract that i make with you, guarantees you a grade based on your verified points. 

Several new items: 

11. Always put "CIS"  followed by your name in the subject line. 10 extra credit points.  Record it on the extra credit sheet 

12. Don't email me your assignments.   Put them in your project notebook, and show me your notebook about every 2 weeks,  and bring it in for final grading during finals.  (another 10 points if you know what a lot of attachments will do to an inbox.)

13.  I get about 100,000 hits per year on this page --  i pay an extra bandwidth charge.   I have written, transmitted, and been awarded grants over the internet,  and i am currently programming an online stock trading service that will go up summer '04.   I spend at least 5 hours each day, almost every day online, and i need   you understand the power, the glory, the immediacy, the knowledge-is-power concept of the internet.   We can not take it lightly!   Online activities will be part of your future life;  it will become as popular as tv and necessary as a phone. 

14.  Speaking of everyone moving ahead -- there are new lessons on mous on this web site.  Find them, download them, start working on them.

15.  While you are at,  go all over this web site.  "get" the tqm and learning community philosophy,  "catch" the excitement, the "sizzle" of the multi-media stuff, stay, play and study in this website.  My website reflects my teaching curriculum which reflects my mission in life!   Learn all that you can from me,  zoom past me, then come back and see me!

16. We live in a less-than-idealistic world.   But, knowing that,  keep yourself, your work, your career, yourself at the highest levels.  "do the right thing, always" -- regardless of the actions of others who do not act on the highest levels.  You do the "right thing",  or as it is called -- "the right stuff" -- for yourself, and others on that level will recognize it and reward it.   In the context of this class, learn the TQM, understand its place as part of the high performance workplace, and do your projects at the world class presentation quality level. 

--- ---------  

17.  Attendance / participation

You are 'active' if your name is all over the the 'attendance-participation' form that is listed on the main page of -- go find it now!

If, at this point, you still don't know how to do the  attendance,  then i am very worried.  Everyone is/was supposed to come in for an orientation, right? be in the class you must have done the following:

18.1.  Buy book -- about $14 -- bookstore. 2. Get 701 start disk from me  4. Do attendance.  5. Download  which is a list of assignments and a course outline. 

18.2 please click  for a complete checklist!      We also have to meet, face-to-face.  

... Both you and me have to perform at a high quality level -- especially, when i am going to hold you to high standards of quality. 

So, when you find the correct attend/partic form, give yourself "100-profa" points (figure out how to do this).  While you are there, give yourself '100-email'  points if you have an email address.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and check that your entry is there. 

19. The critical issue is -- attendance and points -- shortly i will look at the attend/partic forms (you should have found them by now) and if your name is not there or you don't have at least 100 points listed.   Communicate w. Me!  Lest you get lost in cyberspace!

20 you should by now by running the '701 start disk'  give yourself 25-ec points if you can run it.  (i plan to pass this out during week 1.)

21. Should also be doing some,  if not all, of the projects listed on the 1st page of   --  

22. In a worst case scenario, if you can't get anything working, see me asap!  Next worst case, just do any project that you can on 'grade.doc'.   Another solution is to take the quizzes, the word quiz, the excel quiz (they are hard), and the 701 quizzes that you can find on 'page 2'.  Run quizzes from the start disk to build up points!   Score points -- that is what it is all about.  Put points on the scoreboard (attendance form).  This course is 'performance-based'!

Another solution is to read the '701 master help' file and/or find a study partner.  Once you get started, it becomes a little easier.   I am here to help you, especially if i see that you are sweating and straining to get it.

23. Read all of the form. Print it out, memorize it if you have to. At the bottom press 'submit' so that i have a record of your reading this.   Give yourself '100agram1' for reading this!

In closing, i am  a computer instructor with very good online skills, who believes in the power of technology to transform lives, and a believer in learning community where we all work together toward success.  I expect you to help your classmates out.  Also if there are any mistakes, errors, omissions, email them to me, and give yourself  10ec (10 extra credit) points for each one.  If there is a discrepancy about points, use the lower number for now, thank you.

Saying it again.  Get book, cd, 701-start-disk.  Get 'grade.doc' .. Start putting points on the scoreboard!   Email me --  and  for help.   Communication forces clear thinking ... Right?


24.  Survival tips for prof.  Auciello's classes:

24.1. Must know how to check-in, using the atten/partic form (which is at the top of the main column on ).

24.2 cis 701 dist educ = 7965 initially should come in every mon-tues at 8:00 - 9. To get checked out.


25.  Books / lesson materials.

I have all of my curriculum on my web site.  They are listed by classes -- 701 projects,  757 projects.  701 has grade.doc which lists all projects.  Working on the same for 757.  The book for 701 is in the bookstore -- cis 701 distance education -- prof. Auciello -- ask for it.  See me if there is a problem.


26. Quality of work.

Ever since i wrote the principles of total quality management, i have been consumed with absolute quality (which actually i never reach), so this whole course will be done in a quality way.  Perfect assignments,  perfect presentation quality.  Everything to a world-class standard!  It pays off.  See me for some stories.

I also, especially, must hit world-class quality.  Help me make these great courses even better by your participation and suggestions for improvement!

Find and read the "Principles of Total Quality Management" on the web site for 50 points.


27. Explanation of my programs:  just talking here... I am a programmer, i modify and create programs to fit the need of "tracking"  positively what students did, so i modified most of the forms and quizzes to provide name, time, date, ip address of the user.  I use a program (ftp) to look at the activity on my website, and i am able to view who is doing what when.  Of course, you know you have (2) obligations -- (1) to check in 4 times per week, and (2) produce a min of 400 pts per week.  I am able to see those results from my office at home. 

Some of you will be  'putting points' on the 'scoreboard', others will be  headed for the 'abyss' of mediocre grades, based on your performance. You select your grade by your performance.  You are in charge.  Say 'empowerment.'

28. Let me put it another way.  "once there was this computer professor who dreamt of making his course accessible anywhere anytime.  He worked and worked to develop his lessons, quizzes, and the necessary tracking systems, and he endeavored to provide  "high bandwidth information" to the students, he even used "peer learning" in the form of bulletin boards to help them understand as well as creating quizzes for them to test themselves at each step.  He created a lot of assignments, and quizzes, even putting them on cds and floppy disks.  Being a laker fan, he set up the course on a "scoreboard" model.  Points win the game and earn the good grades -- performance-based --  perform this and you get that!  The computer became the referee, and called the shots  and recorded them.   Some liked this system, and took off scoring lots of points. Others -- perhaps thinking "out of sight, out of mind!" -- dropped the ball, and had low or no scoreboard.

The professor's had idealistically thought  that since he loved the subject, that everyone else would do too, and that they naturally would get excited and get "game."  .... "maybe," he thought, "if i write from the heart, it will help ..."   so he wrote this lesson about understanding the rules.


29. A (4000),  B (3000),  c (2500). Work creates points which = grades.  .


30. When you email me,  use both addresses for reliability:

Put cis 701 in the subject line. 

If you want to talk by phone, send me your number.


31. 701:  you can learn a lot from reading and typing in

32. Since the goal of education is to develop "critical thinking" skills, work on the following:  701-final projects,  computer inventory skills, and look up definitions for 701-glossary (you should be able to find these lessons, let me know).

33. When you have finished reading this, type  yes   in the box below, and press the submit button.  You must do this assignment. Give yourself   25-agram1  points for doing it.

 Type YES in the box, THEN PRESS the "Submit Data" button below  You must submit this form to stay enrolled in the class.  Be well. Prof. A. out.

Developed and (c) Copyright 2003 by Joseph Auciello, California Technical Training. VIVA project.  For more information on this project,  contact